Morgana's Snare length is just too long. Especially for its range/hitbox width and damage.

Fiddlesticks has a 3 second fear? Nerfed. Rammus has a 3 second taunt? Nerfed. Morgana has a 300 + 90% AP damage nuke that prevents you from moving that has the range of a Nidalee spear and prevents you from moving for three seconds? Balanced. Is that balanced? This game has evolved a bit. Almost every champion now has a gapcloser. The snare does not need to be three seconds long for how far away it can be cas from and for how much damage it does. Morgana has become pretty much a "support only" champion only occasionally being put in the mid lane. Do you want her to be a support or a mid, Riot? She can't have a kit that lets her excel at both. That's the exact problem with Lulu that you're still trying to work on. I thought you said you were moving away from things like the three second snare, saying that only things like Ashe arrow should be anywhere near that powerful due to how hard it is to hit. This is understandable. I see that Morg's snare is not just a point and click, but it is still extremely easy to land, and can be cast from an extremely long range. This kind of damage should not be linked with this much of a utility ability that can win fights before they start even if the entire enemy team is grouped together. What I would suggest is to reduce her snare to 2 or even 2.5 seconds and reduce the AP ratio to 60% down from 90%. Let her keep her range. Alternatively, reduce the range down from 1100 to 850 or so, and reduce the damage dealt from 90% to 80%. Both these changes will make her far more bearable. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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I think the biggest issue (And a starting point) is how she point-blanks you with her Q for no risk/high reward for Morgana. I kept throwing the idea around my head on making it scale similar to Xerath's E. So it would be short (and deal little damage) if she point blanks it, and up to it's current (or less) values the further it goes. To be honest, Morgana might need a rework. She has quite possibly the easiest access to gold out of any support since with Spellthief, since it has a sizeable AoE, long range, and Procs Gold PER damage tic. CC is strong, but she's practically the only champ that can reliably ignore CC or allow someone else to. I think her ult is fine since it has a bit of risk for everyone involved.
lmfao you sound like you just got your ass stomped by a morgana and are crying about it on the forums! Her Q is just fine it has the majority of her damage loaded onto it and the rest of her kit depends on landing that Q pre-6 and team fighting with her piratically ignores her Q unless you're not flash-R-hourglassing... if you dont want morgana to Q you maybe you should invest in a {{item:3102}}? or reduce the time with {{item:3111}} or even use {{item:3139}} or {{item:3140}} any reduction in the stun time would have to come with a damage buff as she HAS to have them Q'd to stick them into her W for the duration which has the OTHER HALF of her damage in her kit through out the whole game sure you can ult but that has a 60-200 second cooldown where her Q and her W are her only sources of damage... so stop QQ'ing (oh the irony there) about her Q and learn to dodge some skill shots and build some items :o **EDIT** : she's a mage not a support but shes played as a support like zyra use to be and annie if rito ever did anything but nerf supports you'd probably see something besides AP midlaners bot! :O
ahh but shes not a support so there is no reason to rework her but to rework the supports into something that can be used IN THEIR OWN DAMN ROLE
So essentially just like pre-work Nidalee? Because you literally pointed out the same issues Nidalee had. Because all her damage is in her Q isn't a good justification for it's current state, especially since unlike Nidalee's spear, it roots for 3 seconds and deals a ton of damage no matter where it lands, so it's extremely frustrating when she point blanks it and you couldn't do a thing.
If she's not a support then why is her secondary tag support? And a majority of games Morgana is in, she's being played bot lane?
err... i don't recall ever 1 shotting an ADC with morgana's Q or ever witnessing an ADC getting 1 shot... not to mention 2 shotting tanks but sure lets go with your wild off the wall comparison? not to mention nid's spears at point blank did a FUCK-TON of damage and did EVEN MORE the farther way so you cant compair a nid Q to a Morgana Q they dont even have the same functionality... **EDIT** better nerf rengar again with that jumping-on-you-then-deleting-you ult, oh noes Yi ult and Q T^T, dat point blank Fiora ult you cant do shit about either, that pointblank Q from yasuo that knocks you up and lets him ult you better get nerfed too, oh and what about that pointblank facerolecombo of fizz's? and lux getting a Q bind like morgana that binds not only the FIRST target BUT ONE BEHIND IT?!?!
> Her Q is just fine it has the majority of her damage loaded onto it That was what people kept justifying Nidalee with. and the root is what kills people.
I have had a beef with Morgana since Season 2. I've had more of a beef with her since she's immune to the CC changes that FId and Rammus were hit with, both of which could be fixed by the "invest in a Banshees buy a QSS" argument. She is more of a utility mage than a burst mage based on her W, E, R, and hell, even her Q, which all also have great scaling. her Q already deals 300 + 90% AP. Reducing the snare time would NEVER warrant a damage buff. It's already extremely powerful. Fiddle didn't get a damage buff on his Fear for the reduction, nor did Rammus on his taunt. Actually, he got a damage nerf with his taunt. Her Q has the hitbox of a barn. It's not the easiest thing to dodge. Just like LeBlanc's E. You can not sit here and play Morgana constantly and seriously think that her Q is balanced. I've played Morgana. I *enjoy* playing Morgana, and I *know* that Morganas Q is through the roof in terms of power latched on to one skill that's extremely easy to land.
Having spellshield in general in the rise of the CC supports PLUS having some of the best CC herself makes her a contender for one of the top support champions in the game. Due to mobility creep, she has also fallen out of favour of the midlane. Especially since AD mids can smash her with ease. She's pretty much a full blooded support now.
okay smart guy if shes a support because of her secondary tag then Sona's a mage because of her secondary tag and should be able to burst like {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} right? In rito's current state of fucked up traditional supports AP MIDLANERS are being played as supports
its also the majority of the offensive utility in her kit besides her ult :O where as nid could just R and get 3 more abilities that were just as devastating as her Q
i'll say 2 things here if you're constantly landing your Q's the people you're playing vs are bad and can't dodge skillshots for shit, and 2 her Q's root duration is as long as it is to help her W do as much damage as it can for the duration because no one just stands in a morg W to give her free damage. "utility vs burst" is all a manor of how you look at her kit her Q and R burst like a mofo and her W mid to late hurts like a SoB 150-200 dmg a tick depending on your HP and her AP just because she has a snare on her Q and a stun on her R doesn't mean she's a utility mage by default and as a midlaner the E is a unique skill to morgana which makes you have to either bait it or suffer from not being able to CC her or do as much magic damage as you would without her having it
lol most ppl blow their Q into a yasuo's windwall like scrubs... its not that she's a bad midlaner its that the people that play her mid in S4 are bad... you HAVE TO play passive with her till 6 then you can go ham aslong as you didn't feed not to mention if you're smart about your use of her W you can shutdown most AD mids by denying them farm because they are melee you can set your W on both the enemy minions and yours forcing them to either miss CS or take damage
Then make her W hit harder. Her Q being a 3 second snare is too long just to "help her W deal more damage" You just said yourself my issue with her. her Q and R deal WAY too much damage for the utility they provide. She can lock somebody down for a solid 5-6 seconds. Landing her Q late-game (which is very easy) is a death sentence to anybody who is hit by it. 3 seconds is a lot of time to be unable to flash away from 3-5 people all beating on your face after the Morg Q. To be totally honest, it seems to me like you know how strong Morg is and are using how strong she is as an argument not to make her weaker, which is a really, really bad idea.
And the thing they all have in common are: - Decent CC - High base damage ratios that allow them to build support and still deal tons of damage - The ability to easily zone out their opponents.
nah i'd be willing to say she was "op" if she was OP everything she does besides ult depends on her Q and if we're talking about late game and morgana is that much of an issue shouldn't you have built some MR and tenacity? not to mention if you get caught late game near 3-5 of the other team isn't it your fault? (didn't ward? your fault! to close to the other team? your fault!) and if you didn't itemize vs a huge threat who's fault is that? what i'm seeing here is "rito pls nerf cuz i don't want to have to itemize VS AP midlaner with CC" were as getting slowed and knocked up and knocked back by a {{champion:61}} has yet to be mention by you where it has the same results her ult knocks up (enabling yasuos ult) AND knocks back (toward the her ball in the middle of the ult) where you can't flash at all either! :O oh noes! nerf that too! what about zyra's root? cass ult? how about galio or hecarim's ult where you can't do jack shit for the duration? the last 3 i mentioned can all be at pointblank range too! OH NOES! all these things have the same exact outcome of you or multiple members of your team being left unable to move or otherwise defenseless if you fail to itemize VS them or dodge the skill :O it sounds like a QQ thread about hard CC more than morgana's Q is op "hard cc 2 stronk plz nurf"
since they are AP midlaners they should be able to do that and if someone takes a champion somewhere they aren't suppose to be isn't that "breaking the meta"? (look at Vi she was released as a top laner and is now hailed as an awesome jungler) which rito is suppose to allow? not enforcing an either / or role enforced meta?
Actually, I don't want to have to build an entire item or two just to deal with a support champion who's almost a 100% pick or ban choice. You keep trying to defend her as a mid who can deal a TON of damage AND CC you to hell and back. Your argument is *all* kinds of flawed. If you are not going to actually contribute to this discussion, I would like to request that you leave. Right now all you're doing is making a fool of yourself.
Also, there is a reason that I specify Morgana in particular and compare her to Rammus and FIddle in regards to her CC. I have no issue with hard CC. I have an issue with Morgana's hard CC and how it's allowed to remain in its current state as a *three second bust damage snare*
Sona can do a lot of damage. If she bursted any more, she'd be broken (lane sustain, good harass, chaining together Q + Passive AA hurts along with Lich Bane.) She's more of a utility Mage. She can deal a lot of damage, but also heals and gives good mobility.

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