Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6

Hi folks, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Usual Disclaimers** These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: https://twitter.com/RiotMeddler http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/6.24.1/img/champion/Ziggs.png ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Looking into the effects of preseason on jungler performance** We're looking into jungler performance right now, with the goal being to make some adjustments if needs be in 9.24b. Primary angles we're considering are: * Average level before preseason and after at different points in the game. When combined with kill participation this serves as a fairly good proxy for overall jungler influence. * Variation in jungler performance. The removal of catch up XP was intended to bring about bigger differences between high and low performing junglers. We do want to make sure we haven't swung too far the other way though, make sure small mistakes or good plays aren't leading to large advantages/disadvantages. * Whether particular classes and/or jungler styles are over or under performing (e.g. tanks versus carries, farmers versus gankers etc). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **9.24b** Speaking of 9.24b, a brief timeline: * Patch 9.24 next week will be the last normal patch of the year. * We will do a server side only (so no download needed or new content like skins/champs) patch called 9.24b about a week after 9.24 goes out. * That patch will contain balance changes for SR and TFT, particularly to things that need some follow up after 9.24 (e.g. things that got hit too hard, didn't get hit hard enough, in retrospect should have been in 9.24 in the first place). Some current users of Conqueror are a likely group of candidates for changes for example if the Conqueror changes in 9.24 don't take off the predicted amount of power. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Support Items** In addition to looking at jungling we're also doing some analysis on the effects of the support item changes right now. Questions we're particularly looking to answer are things like whether the drop off in income post quest completion is too punishing (more GP10 on the item or less farming penalty?), whether the Ward portion of the quest is potentially being completed too quickly in some circumstances, whether the stat lines for the different items need some adjustments etc. No specific changes planned just yet though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Champion Win Rates by Rift Type** One of the first things we wanted to find out after preseason went out was how the different elemental rifts + dragon souls impacted the power of different champions. We have seen some meaningful win rate differences depending on the champion + map type combination, but nothing particularly dramatic overall. Examples of some of that data below. Note that *this is before the Ocean Drake regen nerf*. It's also a combination of the impact of the terrain changes, the dragon buffs potentially acquired and the dragon soul potentially claimed. Some trends seem very much as expected (e.g. poke champs tend to do a bit worse on Ocean maps, given regen around and brush to hide in. Others are a bit more surprising (e.g. Rengar not actually doing better on an ocean map, with other factors offsetting power he gains from more brush pouncing). Tahm Kench, at least pre Ocean nerf, was the champion with the biggest win rate change based off a rift element, with the next most impacted champs around half his win rate change. Possible he just really wants regen, also possible a small sample size could be skewing data though (he's a less played champ and this is data from just a couple of days). More recent data suggests win rates are likely within 1% across elemental rifts for all champs, Tahm included. https://imgur.com/a/KK5eJcU ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Prestige Points** On a different note, for anyone with Prestige points sitting around, we've got the Prestige Point shop coming up next week on the 12th of December. That will contain a range of stuff purchasable with less than 100 Prestige Points like skin Jackpot bags, Hextech Keys, Orange essence etc. Some more details in case you missed them the first time around can be found at the link below. We'll also have some more details to share when the shop itself goes live. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/prestige-updates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Last post of the year** This will be my last post of 2019, hope the year's treated you folks well! I'm heading home to New Zealand for a couple of weeks, so will be out of contact for a bit. Riot Scruffy's going to get a post here instead though next week covering things like where our jungle/support investigations have led, context on changes in 9.24b etc.

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Hope you enjoy your time back in New Zeland Meddler, you deserve it, if you're still going to answer questions for this post. Could I ask if we expect any video from you or Jess or Brightmoon for the gameplay goals and directions for next year
what ever happened about the larger changes for Akali and Aatrox that were talked about before worlds?
Hey Meddler, Support main here. On the topic of support items when I first saw the changes I hated them, not going to lie. I thought they were awful, and while I still think punishing overall gold gen for getting an Item that wasn't fully completed anyway in most cases is far less then ideal; I will say as long as you and you're team are ahead it doesn't seem to hurt. (Keep in mind this is in regards to spell thief line mainly, I don't find much use for Relic Shield and don't play AD supports) However, when you are behind or are in a lane where you can't proc the item much, it becomes very very evident very quickly and it feels really bad to hit the point of the game where the enemy support has wards and you're no where close. Supports NEED their wards as early as possible, especially with Mid laners being such a higher level. 3 man's are rampant and there's been more often then not games where I can't even manage to get wards out early enough to prevent them or at least give me and my AD some sort of time to react. Another thing I was wanting to talk about is the blackout passive. It's genuinely broken. It gives way too much vision control when combined with sweeper, just compare average vision control of Senna/Pyke who build the item commonly to supports who can't use the Item. It's to the point where I'm considering building it on Nami just so I can keep up the same level of control. Any chance Enchanters get something to let them keep up with it's level of vision control or the passive being nerfed? Thanks for reading if you do as always and hope your day is going well!
I'm flying out Tuesday night so still around for a bit including today :) In terms of goals/direction for next year, yeah, we'll have a video covering a range of things around season start as we did this year.
Hey there Meddler! I was wonderin' what your read is on Mordekaiser's current balance state? We over on the Morde mains discord have been thinking that he may be a bit too strong but don't know whether that's because of conqueror or simply because his own numbers are too high.
Hello meddler, any changes in seju? The last "buff" is not good to seju, any plans to revert seju like lb ?{{champion:113}}
Have a safe trip to New Zealand, Meddler!
Will you be looking at some of the champions that are sitting low in WR any time soon? Tristana has been the third worst ADC for a while and has been sub 50% WR ever since 8.11; she never recovered from the multitude of nerfs she received directly or indirectly and while you could say she's finding success midlane, I would say that only loosely. Yes, she can play there, but she isn't doing WELL there. In fact, she's not doing well anywhere. :( This is frustrating and saddening and makes me nervous that she is going to receive the Kallista/Azir/Ryze treatment and merely be left to mire due to her popularity in pro play.
They say akali aatrox jayce tham and sejuani buff before worlds and i only see +2 ad in sejuani xD i
How are you measuring top lane influence and have the preseason changes helped as expected?
Happy holidays, enjoy your vacation o/
Hi Meddler I've got 2 questions: 1. What's going on with Sona? It seems odd that her pick rate is terrible despite being easy to play and having a 50% win rate. 2. Is riot doing anything about the bots flooding ARAM and Co-op vs AI? Anyways, Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your summer vacation.
I find it funny how ranger's win rate doesn't even increase with Ocean drake
Hello Meddler, Is there any chance that the team is gonna take a look at a smaller scale kalista gameplay update especially to make her finally playable any time soon?
SINCE YOU SEEM TO IGNORE MY POSTS EVERYTIME ZIGGS QOL Ziggs could easily benefit from an indicator similar to blastcone on his w.
Would it be possible to give Kaisa {{champion:145}} some love possibly undo the Q and maybe even E nerfs. I feel like Kaisa was nerfed due to what happened at Worlds. But with the new champions Senna and Aphelios being added and looking very strong, she will likely have more competition. I think it's also possible for Kaisa to see lower priority due to many of the changes made during preseason, which will more heavily punish Kaisa's weak lane phase in pro play, namely the new dragons.
Enjoy your break Meddler o/
Hey Meddler, I was wondering if you could give insight on some of the Yuumi changes on PBE? Particularly curious about the discussion around removing Yuumi follow only on teleport, vs making that logic more consistent. I feel like it could lead to a lot of confusion? As to when Yuumi will follow and when they won't
Hi Meddler, as usualy, much appreciate those posts ! OTP Tryndamere Jungle here (farmer jungler) And surpisingly he feels AWFUL to play since pre-season. The reason is that early jungle exp is way too low, altough my opponent receive less from jungle because he farms less, they receive way more exp than me trough kill participation/presence (you just need to be near an enemy champion dying to receive exp) Solo-lane are also higher level, which mean killing them is worth way more exp than before. Also, exp and gold from jungle might be up by ~12% but only after farming for a while, which lead to farming jungler not taking before a while, which also mean they can be bullied a lot harder by other role, or even other class of jungler.
Will there be any new Splitpush Items introduced later on in the season? If not other Items with MS near towers or something around those lines or some sort of toplane itemization update focused more near The Tank & Juggernaut side of things? Also would be cool if there's an Item added that gives MS near towers again and it builds into other MS items like Deadmans & RG.

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