Holy fck riot you come up with ANYTHING on your own?

watching lcs just cringing right now.

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Come up with something then. Really.... I actually liked that change of pace just as much as the DnD skit on the LEC from this week....come to think of it, why not tilt over the DnD skit then?!
If you watched the pre shows 3-4 years ago you would get welcomed to stuff like , " Guess who's eyebrows are these" you would think today's skits would be Oscar worthy in comparison. I personally thought the LEC skit with Vedius was hilarious and the board game skit was ok, the NA LCS show skit was also pretty good and funny. Beats nothing at all but looking at the faces of players while siting down at a computer and/or listening to the same 3-4 songs while looking at the schedule.

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