Reav3, final questions before the boards shut down.

Is Vladimir ever getting updated? Are we ever going to see all the amazing ideas this champ was conceived with come to life? The ideas Riot didn't have the budget and artistic direction to fulfil back in 2010, but perhaps now? Is he ever going to become our libertine-wizard Lestat, the hot gothic rockstar he was always meant to be? Or is he always going to be ugly-Swain, with visuals, design and VO from 2010, with some of the most messy and contradictory lore in the game? Did all the words you, and I, and Malicious, and Matt(Tides of Blood/Wygol/Untitled King), and Tharizdun, and Marcella, and LimitlessChaos, and all the other endless nameless Vladimir fans whose imagination this concept sparked wrote, ever mean anything? Will they ever lead to anything? Anyway, that was it from me. Thank you for dropping by, and being in all the awesome threads, and inspiring all the discussions, and theories, and for driving so many of us mad. And here's a drink, for old times' sake.

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I think Reav3 abandoned the boards a long time ago
They already confirmed that there'll be likely never a time when they'll be finished making champion updates, so Vlad will eventually get updated, because every champion will eventually get updated. With that being said, I'm kinda confused why so many people mainly seem to want Vlad to be hot. I mean I don't have a problem if he is good looking, but I'd say it is far more important for him to look noble and elegant than looking hot.
I think "attractive" is a better term, less specific than hot. I agree that its important for him to be noble and elegant, but in an attractive/alluring way. Hot implies less elegant, more playboy-ish, but I would say "handsome and princely, yet mysterious" makes more sense for a direction than just flat out "hot".
I think he will eventually be updated, there is just too much interesting thematic room for him to be left alone. Especially considering how well it seems his characterization in LoR was received. Just don't expect it anytime soon. I'm a little concerned that they will slow down TOO much on reworks, even though I personally prefer more reworks than new Champs. I hope he will be updated relatively soon.

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