Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 6

**Disclaimer** These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The work or goals could change depending on what we discover, and projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. That said, I believe it’s important to share as much as we can even if plans may change. **Gameplay Thoughts moving to /dev** As many of you already know, we’re shutting down the boards on March 9: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/community/saying-farewell-to-boards/ So this will be the last Gameplay Thoughts posted here, but it doesn’t mean these are going away. Both my and Meddler’s blogs will be going up on the /dev section of the LoL website. **Autofill and Duo Parity Progress** We’ve been testing Autofill Parity and Duo Parity on two regions each since 10.4 and are seeing some very exciting results. * Autofill Parity * Before - **11.4%** of games had uneven autofill * After - **0.97%** of games have uneven autofill * This is a huge decrease, and nearly completely eliminates mismatched autofill from the game * Queue times increased on average only a few seconds to accommodate this new constraint * We are in the process right now of rolling this out to all regions globally * Duo Parity * Before - **59%** of games have uneven Duos * After - **21%** of games have uneven Duos * This is also a massive decrease that we’re pretty excited about * We may be able to push this even farther, but unlike autofill, we’re seeing some risk where this could start to hurt queue times or match quality (MMR spread) significantly * Considering we’re still seeing this in some games, we’re keeping the MMR offset for duos as we’ve had for a long time * We are going to roll this out after we see autofill parity is stable globally **Funnel Strategy** Our last set of changes to increase the gold penalty for funneling junglers had a small impact, but didn’t solve the problem as much as we wanted. We’re currently testing an addition to the Monster Hunter penalty where funneling adds a 50% XP penalty on minion kills (on top of the current gold penalty). Junglers playing normally should almost never see these penalties. Philosophically - we sometimes support creative strategies like funnel but we will remove them in cases where we think they are too damaging the overall gameplay experience. Thiis mid/jung funnel has two major issues that warrant us fixing it: * It’s a non interactive approach that doesn’t allow enough counterplay opportunities for enemies to slow it down (like conventional laning and jungling have) * It’s oppressively strong - this alone would be enough reason to nerf it **Jungle and Top Work Continues** We’ve been testing and shipping a number of changes to increase Jungle and Top position satisfaction over the last few patches. We’re continuing our work and have a few more changes still coming, look to PBE for iterations. As we gain confidence that these changes are hitting the goals, we’ll continue shipping them in the upcoming patches. **Death’s Dance** Our previous work on Death’s Dance should be coming to live in 10.6. Our core goals are: * Create a hybrid defense/offense item for fighters - picked in cases where you feel like you can rely on your offensive output to sustain (probably worse into heavy CC where steraks will better save you) * More clearly differentiate the item from Bloodthirster **LoL Dev Team’s Going Strong** As we’re entering our second decade of LoL and you see a lot of the exciting new games that Riot has been working on, I thought it was worth reassuring everyone that we have no plans to shrink the team or slow down support in focus of other things. The league dev team has been roughly the same size for the last few years and will continue to stay stable. Personally, it’s been a dream for me to work on such an amazing game for the last 7 years and I am as excited as ever to make LoL a better game than it has ever been. Scruffy https://twitter.com/MarkYetter https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/9.24.2/img/champion/Sion.png _CAW CAW CAW _

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Hey Scruffy can I ask how well neeko and Kai'Sa landed after their changes, since they had some of the larger scope buffs
When are you guys going to take a serious look at Runes Reforged? The damage, sustain (health/mana), cdr bloat it has injected into LoL has taken out outplay / counterplay potential. Fights end in 2 seconds and it has made champion roles way more homongensied. All champs have low cd, can spam their abilities, do tons of damage, and spike at the same time. It's a shame to butcher such an amazing cast of champions. The system is better than the old Rune design. Give us back some strategic nuance.
can Quinn get Wukong treatment ?
Hey scruffy, any plans for Lee (nerfs) and sej in this parcht?
Hey Scruffy! Fellow Urgot player gathered his thoughts on Urgot, would you care to read it seeing we are given yet again an indirect nerf to our core item, Death's Dance? Here is the reddit link to it. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/feern7/urgot_his_current_state_and_what_can_be_done_to/
Anything regarding Zyraplants that will happen sooner or later?
What is the general consensus around Twitch as a champion? I think there is room to buff him early if you remove some of his late game power or at least to lower some of his mana costs on his W and maybe E by like 10 each. Another thing I was thinking that would be cool as a bigger change would to do something new with his passive by maybe giving him some form of old corki passive when he gets to max stacks at levels 13/17 instead of increasing his DoT. maybe like 10% - 20% True damage conversion, or maybe even giving him the old IE True dmg crit passive. I think he can use any love, as he hasn't really been good at a competitive level since ardent which wasn't really his own doing and before that season 4 with old Youmuu's and BorK. Finally, do you think there is any way to buff him without making him overbearing for low elo as that is what I think is stopping him from being touched as he is generally thought of as a bad pick for too long imo.
>Both my and Meddler’s blogs will be going up on the /dev section of the LoL website. Is there any plan to add comments on the **/dev** section? One of my favorite things about the **Gameplay Thoughts** series was getting to pick your brains about specific thoughts related to that week's posts or get clarity about the reasoning behind changes that weren't as clear as they could have been. While I understand you get bombarded by a lot of unrelated questions, I think the inability of the community to get feedback for relevant questions or requests for clarity on points raised is unfortunate.
I don't think so currently but my plan is to answer questions on both Twitter and the subreddit thread.
So now we will have to post our questions on reddit, or what? It was honestly one of the better things on boards.
Hello Scruffy! 1. Is there any thread will be future plans for Coop vs All? Are there any changes in the plans for bots? Will you add new bots? And will make the appearance of limited skin in bots (Blac Ali, Victorius Jarvan, King Rammus, etc.)? 2. Zyra. Any future plans for she? We really need some help for Zyra, especially after changes in her plant health. can all this be revert to her original values ​​and exclude strange mechanics with instant killing of plants? and will there be an increase in wave clear and aa fix on minion?
i wanna ask about on hit neeko too why u buffed her actually its make no sense
Hey Scruffy, thank you for these weekly posts. Any plans to increase bot lane impact? I've seen a trend of posts talking about shifting some marksman power from late game to early game. I would be very in favor of that personally. Have you guys thought about that at all?
Kinda curious what are the main concerns the team has for the Death's dance changes also while not quite the biggest priority, will there ever be more look into updating item icons. Some still really show their age and it'd be nice if {{item:3115}} wasn't just the Prestige Edition of {{item:3101}}
Can you explain why you decided not to make any changes to Black Cleaver {{item:3071}}? As far as I can tell, most of the community is in agreement that Cleaver is simply not performing as it should, especially since the vast majority of it's traditional users are moving over to use Triforce exclusively because it outclasses Cleaver in every regard. Cleaver would have been a great item to change for toplane impact changes and to bring it in line with Triforce as a core item again. The main changes I would suggest are: 1. **Add a long sword to the build path, making it ---- Phage (1250) + Long Sword (350) + Kindlegem (800) + 600 gold.** This would fix one of the issues with Cleaver which is it's terrible buildpath, opening up fighters and bruisers to a little more AD before completion, easing the burden of a 950g combine cost, and the long sword would be used in other items as well if you chose to delay cleaver. 2. **Increase the Armor Shred back to 30% for Melee only.** Simply to give power back to cleaver that was lost, especially since Conqueror has no true damage anymore, this item is the only real way for some champions to deal with tanks. 3. **Make the Armor Shred work on Structures.** This is the toplane impact change. This would give it split push power to compete with Triforce and give it another use as a teamwide utility item for grouping and pushing. These changes would hopefully be enough to make champions build this again instead of Triforce when some of them don't even use Triforce that well to begin with, but don't have any other option because Cleaver is too weak.
You mentioned two days ago you would be buffing Soraka support. Any idea what you plan to buff for her? I feel like now she has a *lot* of mana issues. I find myself staying out of mana much more often and unable to get enough mana back while trying to heal my allies and keep myself healthy. Landing Starcall is so expensive in mana and so risky now considering she gets much less speed now, that I find myself interacting with the enemy team much less frequently. Which iirc, that was not the design goal for Soraka when Rejuvenation was first introduced, to instead encourage Soraka to interact with the enemy team much more often. I don't know if you're okay with Soraka keeping this non-interactive healbot playstyle, but that's her current issue along with her being constantly out of mana.
@Riot Scruffy Changes to PBE Death's Dance are yet another nerf to Urgot. Will he ever be considered as Melee ? He plays more like a melee than Gangplank, his ranged poke is essentially non-existent. Some champions have had streaks of "compensation" buffs in the past, the most recent example being Ezreal's 3 consecutive buffs (9.23, 9.24b, and 10.3) to make up for the loss of Klepto, but Urgot is nowhere near OP and he keeps getting "collateral damage" nerfs (Conqueror Ranged nerf, Turret Plating ranged nerf, and now this DD Ranged nerf).
Twitch is definitely due for some QoL. He's not in a terrible state, but currently he's not appealing to as many players as other adcs. We don't currently have anyone actively working on him, but If I had to muse on what could give him a nice refresh I'd try to get him using his ambush capabilities more actively in lane and mid fight. He currently only tends to use Q when he's approaching a fight from the start, which means once fights begin he just ends up auto attacking and kiting.
How is Sylas doing? Currently he feels really bad to play with early, especially his ability to farm, is there anything that can be done to fix this while keeping him out of pro play?
Why are we NOT losing stats with the Eternlas? We should lose stats when we miss too often what is asked, there is just spam the champion and at some point it will be at the maximum, it does not prove that you play well the champion.

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