Ended gold 3 last season now I get 21 lp per win

And even in gold 3 last season I got like 28 or so per win cause account was new with fresh mmr, but I just finished placements, I have like 5 wins and 2 loses after placements, average mmr of the game is gold 3/gold 2 and I get only 21 lp per win in silver 2? Why is this season much harder to climb, wasn't there for a few months, just played few games earlier this season, so please give any kind of answer. Thanks.

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21 lp per game is not "Hard to climb" You get to promos in 5 wins and even have some left over for dodging. Wait until you hit plat and no matter what kind of win spree you go on or winrate you maintain, you can't get above a consistent 16-18. Needing seven wins to get to promos instead of 5 is a real bastard.
Don't get me wrong, I just want to say that I gained 28lp in gold 3 last year, but I couldn't really climb due to obligations at university. Just want to know why is gap this huge 4 elos down, and what I've done wrong, I passed placements 6/4 it's not that terrible I guess.
Honestly, their mmr system is an anti-intuitive nightmare. I've had losing sprees where I did terrible that led to me getting substantially more LP per win, and winning sprees longer than 10 where I carried and ended up in a place where I was getting 15 per win. I don't understand how it works at all, so I do understand why you're confused. Unfortunately I don't have the answers. All I can say is that it's guaranteed to get worse the higher you go. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}

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