Since no one else is doing it, I will make a commemorating thread to Miscellaneous's death.

Y'all had some cool moments I guess. Never really developed into a sense of community, but hey, you still have some things to be proud of in your history Gonna link some of the best threads you produced. This one kinda came true. Some funny moments, some sad moments. There were tons more stuff to choose from, these seemed like some of the best. Anyone feel free to post favorite threads from miscellaneous as the board enters retirement.

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What's happening to miscellaneous?
It is being archived as well as GD and the 2 are being merged.
ok thanks for explaining :)
Yup, also, now all y'all happy normal people will have to put up with GD on the front page of the boards now. I kinda feel sorry for everyone else tbh. Should be fun though.
I'm still wondering whether some of our more famous people... # ##### *cough* Wuks *cough* ...are happy or sad to see GD go.
It most likely means GD topics will briefly hit front page, and then immediately get downvoted off of it. Too much weird crap goes on in GD for the mainstream Boards to accept.
I thought you died , oh god I am really stupid.
Normies, smh. Probably right though, especially since most GD threads are downvoted by ourselves too.
Everyone will have a tough time writing my name on my tombstone. "Melondongidus A memer, a mod, and a friend."

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