Would you be able to better rank people?

Would you be able to build a system, where the rank system based your lp gain off KDA and role performance(support isn't going to have kills or many)? Or to something of that nature? i think it would better filter the better players from the not so good players....some teams are just too heavy.

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The issue here is that those stats aren't necessarily indicative of how well you did in the game. Sure, you may have a 6 to 1 KDA and 400 CS, but if you never helped take objectives and had that cs because you were farming while your team was grouped up for a fight, maybe you weren't doing your job. In the end, the only factor that takes into consideration EVERYTHING you're doing towards winning, is whether you won.
Thats what i am saying it takes in account turret kills etc too
If you can think of a system that's not possible to exploit, I'm interested in exploring that further. I'm just not sure that such a system can exist.
" filter the better players from the not so good players....some teams are just too heavy." well let me speak from my experience too heavy teams for me are those who have a lot of kills why are they so heavy ? cause 2 enemies will respawn in 60 seconds and they chase enemy support instead of just winning the game then the enemy team gets farmed and slowly closes the game cause my teammates are soo GOOD cause they KILL (thanks maan for being so good, i assume you are good when you would be measured by your system, thanksa that i cant win games cause of you being so GOOD) your logic fails because you dont need to kill even 1 person to win a game ,and the higher you get the less kills there is overall (which means by your logic ofc that challengers are noobs), next point, this game is already ranked like that, you are ranked basing on how much you will KILL the enemy NEXUS on your actual level of play compared to enemies killing your nexus, basicaly its like k/d/a i dont watch lcs but i saw some video where a guy said that usualy they cap at 20 kills per game pff .... dum bronze players from lcs, cant even kill ok that thread pissed me off, but i dont find it weird that it got me angry, after all i meet such ppl at soloq, usualy i lose when i find them
I dont get a lot of kills, i only get kills when it assist the team i prefer turrets more but 60% of the time you need to kill to get turrets.
Just thinking about it, whether its feasible or not idk.
lp gain is based on your win/lose ratio which actualy covers the word kda but for nexus kills, nexus kills are grandet to team who has more objectives, all in all your ranking is covered when you split it like that dont sweat it and play your best, believe me it will be hard, i currently struggle with gold, i camp gold III for a month i think, and it takes away my fun from this mode (its so tense when you know that you have to improve but how the fk am i going to do that)
i found a good duo partner just got him to B4 i need 16 lp and 2 wins. Just doing my best to learn the game and works with the team as my role

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