Toxic Chinese server transfers on NA

So, as the title says. I'm 100% not trying to be racist here, it's just something I noticed and am getting prettied annoyed with it recently. It seems every time there's a server transfer in my game, they most likely flame and/or spam pings. It's getting to the point where If I see any Chinese related summoner name, I feel discouraged to play, especially on ranked. Now I'm not trying to say that all Chinese players are like this way. However, I understand on the Chinese servers they use some self-identification when you play the game (basically an SSN equivalent). So if they get banned, they're essentially perma banned on their server for life. Then they come to NA because from what I hear, they think of it as a "joke" server. That's why it puts a bad name on their player base over there. And I'm seeing it more often now, due to the fact that the majority of league players are Chinese, so it makes sense that they're getting banned, and coming here in waves. Anyways, point being is that, is there something that can be done about this? I'm not talking about on a player level (you can mute them, but still play on like 200 ping), I'm saying can't riot put something into place to prevent this? It's just fairly frustrating when you get called a "dog American" and "fk ur mother" followed by trolling if they get tilted. Any thoughts/suggestions on the matter would be cool. I fully expect downvotes for this, but my intention isn't to be racist but to elaborate on this issue. Thanks.

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Im on the same boat. I hate to so much how they are always toxic and in every single game.

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