help with uninstalling LoL

So i recently downloaded LoL, was perfectly fine for a week, until I went on today and I get a message saying that I need to update the host (Riot). I proceed to try to delete LoL manually, but it gives me the same message telling me it cannot be uninstalled. I go into Windows C: and try to delete the file (Riot Games). There were 2 files: Riot Games and League of Legends. I succeeded in deleting the riot file, but the LoL file cannot be uninstalled, and it is telling me that I'm running the LoL in the background. I go into task manager and the only thing running is NVIDIA. I tried to stop running NVIDIA, but 3 seconds after I stop it running, it comes back up. I'm really confused now as to what to do, could someone help me please. I don't know if this makes any difference but I am in Russia.

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