i ican't add my friend in the game

hello guys, Am trying to add one of my friends to LOL game to play together but the invite is not being sent, it sais "YIKES, internal server error, please try again later" and its been like this forever, so if the problem in the server please riot try to solve it, if its just a little problem that i can solve and you guys been through and know how to fix it please help. btw i can invite him to join my room and he can too but we want to be frnds on lol cuz everytime we have to play together i have to type his name and he has to type my name too. and we are bouth in the same server EUW. and am lvl 60 he is i think 200 and some numbers up xD well i really need your help guys and i hope i can fix this problem. its just happening with me and this friend i can send invites to everyone in the game but him. thank you !

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Does he or do you have 325 friends, which is the maximum allowed. Also you both should clean your pending invites and blocked list. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/Q8OLfEJB-cant-add-friends-or-be-added-as-a-friend-in-the-client Maybe its really a bug where you cant do anything about it at the moment.

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