Buhto and Gil - The Lepun Hunter and the Last Ascended (Vastayan/Darkin Support).

2nd Concept. **Buhto and Gil - The Lepun Hunter and the Last Ascended** Type: Warden Support. **Short Lore** Gil was the sole survivor of a small village on the edge of Icathia, Gil saved an Ascended's life using unknown magic and so was given Ascension to help fight the Void. Gil's Asension was different however, unlike many others, their fox like form was no taller than normal humans and they aged at a normal rate. Soon after their Ascension, the Void was 'closed' and Gil was the last Ascended from that era. When Shurima fell to Xerath and the Ascended squabbled amounst themselves after, Gil knew if he didn't change, they would easily outlive him and kill his people, so he created Blood Magic, using it to extend his life and power. It was stolen by other Ascended however and used for their own gain. Gil and his people shunned the war and only protected themselves if attacked. He wasn't aware the war was ending until a Warrior carrying a spear fell from the sky to face him. Gil had no weapon to trap him in, as he was the weapon, so he was forcably trapped into a stick that was near by. Hidden away from the world on a small island in South West Shurima, beyond the Kumungo, Gil remained there since. Until found by hunter called Buhto, from a small Vastayan tribe called Lepuns. Gil savoured the sudden freedom and took control of Buhto's mind at first. Imprisonment changes people, while some get angry, Gil had time to reconsider his existence and what the 'Darkin' had done. It was through conversation with a Ascended being called Sioh'Po that made Gil realise that the Darkin's time was long gone and their imprisonment warranted. So with Buhto's help, he seeks to find his brethren to unite them again but now to lay down their arms for good. **Added lore on Lepun** Rabbit like race where the females are all big strong and the males smaller but more attuned at magic. Long floopy ears, big legs (standard rabbit stuff). Mainly use spears for hunting/fighting. Live in the very far South East corner of Shuriman continent. Generally don't like the rest of the world and keeps to themselves. **Noteable Quotes:** {{champion:266}} - Gil - "Come Aatrox, leave this world to itself." {{champion:110}} - Buhto to Gil "I like his form." Gil response "This is not the time." {{champion:141}} - Gil to Buhto "This one isn't worth saving, kill it." {{champion:75}} - Gil - "Why are you not like the others?" {{champion:498}} - Buhto - "We are nothing alike, keep your Lhotlan problems to yourself." {{champion:267}} - Buhto - "I met a Makara once, they are far less pleasant." {{champion:8}} - Gil - "Amateur" **Abilities:** **Passive** Buhto - The for every 2% mission Mana, Buhto gains 1% attack speed. Gil - Can be separated from Buhto and left on the field while Buhto wanders. If Buhto dies while Gil is placed, Gil remains in place until Buhto revives upon when he is instantly recalled to her or if he is killed. Gil has his own life based on Buhto's max mana, when separated from Buhto he can be attacked but takes 50% damage from area of effect, if the HP is depleted he instantly returns to Buhto wherever she is. Upon returning Buhto loses 50-300 HP based on level but Gil's life bar is restored to full. While Gil is attached to Buhto, she gains 100% base HP regen. **Q** Cost 60 mana Cooldown 12/11/9/8/7 Buhto shunts forward 200 units quickly, knocking back all enemy units and champions 400 units, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+3%max HP) physical damage. This move is prioritise over leaps and dashes (similar to Poppy's W). **W** **First Cast** Cost 60/70/80/90/100 mana. Range 1000. Area of Effect 400. Cooldown once recalled 16/15/14/13/12 Buhto places Gil in a target location, any ally in this area is has their base HP regen doubled and every 5 seconds, they are healed 30/50/80/110/140 (+10% increase per 50% base HP regen Butho has). Gil also grants vision in the area of effect. **Second Cast** Cost 0, Range Global. When recalled, Gil returns to Buhto wherever she is, if Gil passes through an enemy unit, he deals 5%/6%/7%/8%/9% (+1% per 100AP) current HP magic damage to each enemy hit. Upon arrival to Buhto, she is healed for 100% of the damage dealt. (this needs to be tweaked as not sure how op it might be vs a HP tank but then the game has Aatrox and Vlad so... ) **E** Cost 80 mana, Range Up to 800, Cooldown 24/22/20/18/16 Buhto leaps in the target direction, dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+40%ad) physical damage to any enemies hit along the way. If Buhto passes through any ally champions, Gil takes 10% of Buhto's current HP (once) to give each ally hit a 50/75/100/125/150 (+40% AP) shield. **R**- In death, Redemption (I named this one). Cost 40% Max HP range 1100 directly behind Buhto, width 400 Cooldown 160/140/120 Gil takes 40% of Buhto's max HP to heal all allies behind them by half that amount. However, if Buhto is below 40% HP, she dies (granting full kill gold to the enemy if required) and Gil is instantly recalled. **Playstyle** A mix of Braum and Bard. Buhto is meant to be designed as a meat shield in the way, building HP and defensive items, as well as HP regen to stay in battle. Example combo would be, using E to leap in front of a carry in danger, aim through them to grant them a shield thanks to Gil, then place Gil on them to heal them up, while Qing in front of you to knock the enemy away. If it's a larger battle, cast R at any time to heal those behind you but at 40% of your own HP. But going to roam and helping a other laners and recalling Gil may leave the ADC in a bad spot without heals/safety to farm. Buhto and Gil can also be played as a top lane Juggernaut or a jungler if needed, although Top lane would be harder as without allies to heal, their Ult is basically just a button that removes HP. :P **Recommended Builds** {{item:3858}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3083}} And those are my champ ideas, sorry for lack of art. Not that it matters, these will be here for a few days then in another week gone forever. Not even fussed if anyone comments. Have fun guys, hope you all find a new place to reside on the internet.

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