Was This Ban Worthy?

So I got into one game. Never banned this season before. No priors. No warnings before this. We had one bad play bot that made me angry and in a dumb moment, I typed kys. Okay. Nothing new. But then after game I got banned. From this chat out of all games. Like, how was this really ban worthy? To lose ranked rewards among a 2 week restriction without any priors just doesnt make sense. Game 1 In-Game DarkBeast: why did u play so aggro without vision DarkBeast: or me DarkBeast: wtf DarkBeast: kys DarkBeast: fk DarkBeast: yea no go kys DarkBeast: we got this DarkBeast: gg ???? How ???? Like, what????

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you told someone to kill themselves 2 times no shit it's a ban
Encouraging others to commit suicide counts as an offence which will be punished with a ban as the first punishment.
Gee, I can't imagine *why* telling someone to kill themselves over a fucking video game would result in a ban.
> **DarkBeast \(NA\) said:** DarkBeast: kys DarkBeast: yea no go kys Yup
You have a few days to browse a large amount of posts explaining everything you need to know about a certain famous acronym. This system is 4.5y old https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ- You are allowed to not read FAQs nor Boards but you have read and accepted Terms of Use when you created the account, meaning you WERE warned. More importantly, any slight reported negativity could trigger a permaban once the 14d ban will be over.
kys is kinda auto ban even if it is on eu servers. just know 80% of the players are snowflakes 10% are chill people and other 10% are the plat 4 hardstucks that will troll your game because by not touching their minions one of them died and you "ruined their freeze" then they proceed to int 15 deaths while not saying anything so he gets away with it
you are genuinely unable to understand why telling someone to kill themselves is wrong? are you a sociopath or just stupid?

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