Give me the Ability to disable the Eternals System and parts of the Emote System

Title says it all. I do not wish to see eternals - neither ingame, nor in the loading screen. I hate the system and would prefer to enjoy the game without it showing up in any way, shape or form. In the same way I want to be able to disable mastery symbols/flashing ingame independend from emotes. The best case would be to have options for everything in the client: -Show all/allied Chat -Show all/allied Emotes -Show all/allied Mastery Symbol/Score/Emote -Show all/allied Eternals -Show all/allied Champion Emotes (Taunt, Joke, Dance, Laugh) -Show all/allied Champion Forms (GG Miss Fortune forms, DJ Sona forms etc.) I just want the basics: Game, Chat, Emotes (M'Pengu und co.) No masteries, no eternals, no teemo laugh spam. Just the plain basics. Please just give me the choice to play the game the way I used to for many years. Give me some more control over what I want to see and what not.

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I agree!!! I also hate playing corki, and every 4mins it FLASHES ON YOUR SCREEN: YOUR PACKAGE IS READY?! WELL NOT SHIT! I have actually missed cs and miss clicked BC ITS the LETTER ARE SO DAMN BIG I CANT SEE SHIT FOR 5 secs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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