Ester: The Aspect of Constellations (one champ concept before rip boards)

[1]( [2]( [3]( (a couple extra pics for concept) {{sticker:sg-kiko}} _**LORE IS NOT A PRIORITY AT THIS TIME.**_ i dont have very good lore planned out for her yet other than her being a dancer from ionia that joined a travelling dancing troupe, but im not sure yet why or how she manages to climb targon to merge with the aspect of constellations so... we gunna not focus on that right now. lemme start out with **im by no means a game dev, my heart lies with character conceptualization and design**. BUT that won't stop me from trying to come up with a creative kit for ester! **MY GOAL:** easy to pick up but hard to master, viable in many lanes or even jungling, **exploitable weakness** but also outplay potential, fun ultimate that makes you feel like a deadly ballerina, **flexible item path** that harmonizes with her passive branch, also **toxic e** because fuck you. in terms of character design, ester is a dancer. flowing garments are a necessity due to her passive **MASTER DANCER**, which will change her animations depending on which dancing stance she chooses at level 6. i considered giving her long hair to add to the idea of her having a flowing trail, but settled on an updo+hair rings to avoid unnecessary visual noise. i also did not want her to be too similar to irelia, who is also a "dancer" with long hair that trails her. **ABILITIES** _**PASSIVE**_> _**Master Dancer**_> When Ester hits level 6 she can pick a dancing style. These styles will slightly change some of her animations, most notably her walk/run/w/recall. It also may modify or rework an ability to fit into her style. **Ester can only choose ONE dancing style and cannot change stances mid game.**> _**Cosmic Flourish:**_ a manic dancing style characterized by quick aggressive movements. auto's fire a secondary arrow (like pix) that deals **10/20/30/40/50 (+25% AP) magical damage** and applies on-hit effects. every third auto increases attack speed by 4% for 5 seconds.(stacks up to 3 times) for an aa focused ester. _**Sanguine Chasse:**_ a provocative dance that incorporates low-to-the-ground movements and elusivity. your abilities gain +10% spellvamp, increased to +20% while below 25% hp. your w grants you a small shield that scales with the amount of enemies captivated. for a defensive ester. _**Ode to Ionia:**_ a methodic dancing style that involves fluidity with every step and extravagant spins. when you cast your e, 70% of ignored damage is stored as a targeted heal for allies. recasting your e within 6 seconds casts the heal. for a supportive ester. _**Targonian Grace:**_ a dance that ester learned after merging with the aspect of constellations that is snappy and full of leaps. w becomes a channelled dance that sends out a flurry of homing stars to enemy champions and monsters in a small radius around her for **1.5 seconds**. it ticks every **.25** second for **5/15/25/35/45/55 +60% AP magical dmg.** for a burst mage ester. - Q _**NEBULA ARROW**_> Shoot out an arrow barrage in a target direction (line skillshot, the bonus projectiles just fire where the first landed, not a recast or anything) that will deal damage 3(4 at max rank) times if all projectiles hit. (each projectile deals** 20/35/55/75/100 +100% AP magical dmg**) (**18/18/15/15/11**) second cd. - _**W Showtime ** _> Ester performs a highly captivating dance that causes all eyes to be focused on her. Enemies in a cone in front of her get a **"captivated"** cc effect that causes Ester to be the only champion they can see for 2.5 seconds. Ally champs will reveal themselves by dealing damage to the captivated enemy, but otherwise will be **invisible** for the duration. deals** 60/80/110/135/160 + 60% ap magical damage**. cast/dance time is **0.5** sec and she can move while dancing. (**17 sec cooldown**) - _**E Evasive Cosmos**_> Ester performs a mesmerizing twirl, leaping weightlessly into the air and phasing into the stars themselves, (imagine her silhouette but colored like a nocturne q) becoming **cc immune and immune to incoming damage** for **.50 **seconds(might be too long). She stores damage that she evaded during her spin inside her starshaper bow, and deals **10/25/45/60/75%** of the damage on her next spell/auto within 5 seconds. (not a dash that can go over walls, but she gains movespeed while twirling.) (20 second cooldown) -_** R Ballad of the Gods**_> Ester gains a 10% movement speed stim and vaults a short distance, firing a stunning (.5s-2s depending on distance traveled) spiraling ball of light that deals (80/150/250 +50% AP) from her bow on recast to the first target hit. She can recast this ability AGAIN within 3 seconds after firing the ball of light to perform another very short vault. Once exiting the second vault, Ester begins to spin, channeling an arrow for 1.5 second that pierces it's target as a string of consellations (basically a really pretty varus q) dealing (50/150/250 +80% AP, increased by 0%-200% based on missing health, deals 10% less damage to each champion after the first). _**IN REVIEW:**_ i can see ester building a large variety of items. with max CDR her q can become a machine gun late game. she also synergizes with attack speed items due to the long cooldowns on her W and E, and her Cosmic Flourish stance. her Sanguine Chasse stance synergizes well with a defensive build + spirit visage, sacrificing some AP in the process. you could even build an Athenes and go Ode to Ionia to take her as a support in exchange for a weaker pre-6 game. she would be a bit difficult to balance, as to make all her stances viable. i can see Ode to Ionia being a bit weak due to the lack of dmg and the heal being dependent on facetanking damage as a squishy.** id love to hear suggestions for a stance that alters her ult in someway.**

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just commentint to say feedback is welcome~ especially suggestions to improve the passive {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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