The Good, The Bad, and the League: 7/25 - 8/7

*Preamble* _Your semi-weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ 9.15 didn’t break a lot of things, we’re into Summer Finals shortly, which means Worlds is around the corner! **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Bug assigned to a specialist. (Core bug is still being worked on). **Ongoing** * ** None ** **Server Stuff: ** * ** Images for Project article not loading (8/1, ~7 hours)** An article for new Project content goes live, but various images aren’t loading on the announcement page. Brief investigation shows an internal load balancer isn’t working properly, and an update is pushed out to change where the images are stored. * **Delays in missions and match history (8/5, ~5 hours)** Automated alerting notifies the NOC that Missions are in an unhealthy state. Analysis shows that the load on that particular set of programs and servers are too high; in response, non-critical LCU features are disabled to lower the load while missions catches up to real time. Once caught up, all missions servers are rebooted in sequence to return to normal operating speed. * **Increased errors in payment systems (8/5, ~38 minutes)** Automated alters notifies the NOC that errors in payments are exceeding normal levels. NOC escalates to the payments team, who uncover a recent change to the servers is likely the cause. Rolling the change back drops errors to normal levels, and the change is scheduled to be triaged to discover what did it. **Game Stuff: ** * ** None! Whew.** _Morgageddon_

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Any info about the issue players are having when no loading screen is showing?
The only way to solve this is by Long Off ur PC but when u return to the Match , Game automatic punish u with have more then 5 Minutes afk and will not have any experience or IP won.
probably not the place to post this but uh.. if you play as quiyana and hover over her W ability the one that lets you pick a form your cursor twitches between the pointer and a smaller one with a yellow circle. its harmless but its something neat to do for the first 3 minutes of the game
Why - no game stuff ...There are invisible walls on every Poro's and Little Legends on the howling abyss fun mode(so they have own model which u can not crooss) And this lags:( If u have even good ping <100, its feeling, like u have all 200 ms(most of all in servers in PBE(which one - everyday is shuffling) and EUNE and CIS(RU) incredible lags.....and sometime champ is turning off and have no control, so he remember last move, and nothing want to do(if thats was range, he will go to melee atack sadly) in this moment no items no sums too(no wanna click)..uber strange:/
And afk in every game:(
Begin at release TFT, a lot - in 9.14...something wrong in it..probably
The fuck is this font? what happened?? how is this not something you can change in the options? or at all? I can't even read chat because it's so bold it mushes the letters together.
Please, I love the Ahri skin and I'm buying her straight away but.. All I want is a skin set for Nidalee and Neeko. Imagine how cute that'd be with special voice lines and interactions. This is all I want in life. Yours sincerely, A smol sad Nidalee main
Arrrrrrrrrgh......9.16 yet :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Some like that videos....aand ping-lags( Teleport is too op and must have sum against this bugs....No wanna play ranked, until all lags will left, a lot of minus and - lp , cause every game u have different skill, some u play normie as u do, some of them u have lags and afk's and u lose 5 trades in a row.....
only 3 patches ago - all was good(not about balance)
> **Tuggernut \(NA\) said:** The fuck is this font? what happened?? how is this not something you can change in the options? or at all? I can't even read chat because it's so bold it mushes the letters together. It looks to be a sizing error with whatever resolution you set the client to. Are you on one of the smallest resolutions?
Oke...but it's really discomfortly to play with this lags....At least make TFT, do - zero or less resources 1.Go into the game, take some screenshots, make sprite models for champs, like it is in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with eight corners of attack, some gif for movement, put it into game folder, no loading - it also good.... take and get all 3d models by one invisible, make any action by aura(buff debuff) which one activate sprites....There no cam interactions, always view from high, no need any 3d models, no rework only grafics effects 2.No random calculates - put ready-made cards on next 100 rolls at the start of game 3.No basic hit attack calulations - put all in round, only in one round he hits, if he has deposite of atack speed, he will do double damage in next rount(it more simple by x2 in script, than single hits)....Make all hits - offline mode, funny, but make all champs at low hp invulnerable, server only roll targets, skillshots, champ knockdowns 4.Need to spectate all match, even if u have been knock by first, no next tft match before they have end, but normal u can choose, even with its thing... 5.Make another server with another tft progress, which ones never hits main, or make another server for chat and emoji 6.Make resources save mode which one, with find quque - min 4 minutes
The Good, The Bad, and the League should be The Good, The Bad, and The Bad because its league
I dont know if im the only one with this proble or not,but i suddenly got rise in Ping since the new patch (9.16) my normal ping was from 40 to 60 max,and now i have 300 ping when i get in the game and thats all day long,but i have normal ping in the morning later my ping incrises to 200-300 MS.I checked other games if the problem was with my intrent,but no i have normal ping there.Exampe CS:GO 50 ping as it always was,and rest of the games have 40-50 ping.Can you fix this riot ? i cant play the game to finish some of the missons for the PROJECT 2019 evemt and its affectong my perfomance in ranked .
oh, yes. that cleared it right up; thank you so much!
I find it....Some, like ping lags(with normal ping) fix by in client config - main page - should Full repair pack..Vuala, Play as usual, So nicee)))) ive waiting so long, far away at 4 weeks ago...It's not same, as server lags o0 But...However server lags not go away, some kind of non-control, no usess of items, skills, in game in client bags, black picture of server swap at login screen, and! ..If u have turn on "move prediction" at game, u can move some steps at any Stun, Root or hard ss!! but after ss have gone - u will teleport to this place..It looks like super strange... But it will never 2 seconds before any action, yet))) It will be good, if everybody will insta try this "Full repair pack" at next Hot fix, especially after bug from's not only me with this bug o0 know some dude with same bug, with him i play sometime.....and sometime when i have upload some patch too early(at <7 pm) it can be not all right(sometime, when new camille comes at patch, i have 100% CPU at login screen some bug, against it - helps reinstall) but..nevermind - if upload patch too early, he can be with bugs, so i have scared patch it before, better after morning...{{sticker:sg-lulu}}

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