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Before I start with my Rant, let me say that this is all my OWN opinion, and how Riot had an unclear approach to the reworked champion. To Riot Games, I am completely serious about this post and would like to be heard and answered, please. To the people who like the champion, please read this whole post through, and I'll give you the right to judge my reasoning, but I don't plan to start a flamewar in the comments. To people who think Akali is balanced right now and want to put me in my "place" for complaining about a "broken champion," don't bother commenting. With that being said, I will proceed. Akali has been in the gutter for a while. A long while. Let us start at patch 9.14 when the shit had hit the fan. Akali before that was a complete nuisance, and I couldn't blame them for that. In patch 9.14, Riot had removed the obscurity effect from her shroud. Now you were just given an Invisibility effect. Her ultimate cooldown was also increased by 20 seconds, her Shuriken received a HEAVY blow on her scaling damage, but was given a mild thaw. This all just started to go downhill from there. In order to adapt to the new changes, I discovered new runes, strategies and items to build to make Akali just as fun as she was beforehand. I found out of the Doran's Ring technique: You buy Doran's Ring and 2 health pots. You go into lane and try to force a hard win in your lane, generally by gaining first blood, and you back to sell the Doran's Ring and get Gunblade as quickly as possible. Normally, the runes you would run at the time was Electrocute. I ran Dark Harvest (old version when you auto someone and does extra damage), and absolutely obliterated my games. I wanted it to last forever. which was not happening, due to the next patch of 9.18. 9.18 was a pretty confusing patch. (Dark Harvest was changed by this time.) This time, the only the ultimate was changed, when they removed the stun, took some of the damage, and increased the cooldown once again. To me, this was bigger but didn't really affect my gameplay much, other than the fact that I had to be careful of my ultimate being on such a higher cooldown now. I tried counteracting this by building more cdr items, but never really worked out the way I wanted to, and so I just lived with it. Why I was really confused though was that even with the large cooldown, I knew something bigger was coming. Oh boy, was I ever so right? Though, the 2 next patches, 9.19 and 9.23 were amazing for Akali. They returned the damage to the ultimate from 9.18 and also changed the rune Presence of Mind to increase your energy to 50 when at 5 takedowns in 9.23. The little buffs Akali have received was like a kid given ice cream, then this ice cream started to melt. In patch 9.24, we look at the last minor nerf to Akali before being hit with a full-on nuke in 10.3. But first, in 9.24 her Five Point Strike was given a tweak to her hitbox, as it was no longer behind Akali. It also had the 33% bonus damage dealt to minions at maximum level reduced to 25%. This also didn't affect me too much, I did often use the hitbox behind Akali sometimes, so just another little adjustment. However, I was really annoyed with all the little nerfs they had been giving her and only made the next patch fuel the salty fire... Patch Ten Point Three I don't know how a champion could have been gutted as hard as Akali has, but now, It felt like Akali was just chopped into fucking cubed fries, and I will address these issues, ONE BY ONE. First off, I see absolutely NO fucking reason why her Q should have its energy cost increased by 20. This had screwed with her early game so hard. Every trade that you have to now make has to be timed perfectly and cannot be fucked up. And if you do fuck up, it will change your entire game. Please note, Akali's late game is determined by her early game. There is little to no coming back if you went into Mid/late game with 100/150 farm and little kill participation. Riot's intentions were to decrease her waveclear potential. I get that, but why didn't you nerf her Q in damage to minions? A simple fix I see to this: Make her Q deal (x%) amount of damage until the maximum level, where you deal 100% of damage to minions. Second, The Shroud. This is a huge problem, but not because of its just recent nerf. Now in the shroud, you gain an increased decaying burst of speed instead of continuous speed inside of the shroud. Okay, tolerable. However, doing some research on champions with true sight, I found out some extremely high numbers. Let me explain what I mean: Looking at the list of true sight champion abilities, 20 abilities gave true sight on a champion on a total of 17 different champions. But this is what pisses me off the most, Oracle Lens can make Akali **_targetable_**. I tested with a friend. When Oracle is active, it works as if it was revealing someone invisible, not making them targetable, however, with a simple untargeted spell, Akali can become visible. I thought this was a bug, but I saw that Oracles is supposed to give True Sight, so I let it slide. However, this makes the Shroud, almost useless. I recommend to either fix the Oracle Lens revealing Akali or bring back the obscurity, where only towers can reveal her and make her targetable. Finally, but definitely not the least, the ultimate. The ultimate change is pretty traumatic and was definitely a "Why must you do this?" by Riot. The first cast of ultimate now has to be targeted onto a champion. This is something that now makes her, almost unplayable, for me at least. The reason for this nerf was to reduce her escape potential. Point noted, but this unintentionally fucks with her duelling and evading of damage. For example, laning versus Yasuo. He has your lane pushed in. You are going to force him, but wait, the enemy jungler, Gragas, comes along, and now if you try to ulti, Gragas will stun you and Yasuo will ulti you. Before, what you could do was ulti to the side and evade the Gragas, and force a pick on the Yasuo before Gragas can do anything to save him. You could end up dying in the process, but it sounds better than having your lane crushed in because the jungler is camping your lane and can't do absolute shit about it. How I would revert this is to make Akali's first ultimate dash to act similar Kai'sa ultimate, where you can ulti to a small radius around your enemy, making it better to evade and have a remote chance to dodge your opponent. With all of this being said, My rant was about Akali's utility, not her damage. I would be happy if her DPS remained the same, but she just doesn't work right now, and honestly, I'm trying to make her work, but I can't. I'm defeated, I'm trying to find any way, shape and, form to make her work and be fun, but it is virtually impossible for me. Please, heed my call, Riot, because I need some wisdom if I really ever want to have fun playing Akali now. Thank you for reading this post.

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