Nerf Master Yi, explanation included

Master Yi is the only champion that I have played or have experience with that can solo Kill the Baron at 20 Minutes. You guys killed my biggest top lane counter to him which was Kayle, Her ultimate and passive now are so screwed up I would rather not play her. No champion should be able to scale this fast. My last game i was 15/2/4 to a 1/6/2 master Yi and he was able to 1v1 me successfully due to his ultimate, true damage and life steal combination due to his kit while also being 4 levels below me. This should NEVER Be possible. Its not like I was a glass cannon either, I was playing Shyvana and had a fair amount of tank + stareks gauge. This champion has plagued league long enough, Rework him, Nerf Him, either way, create true balance. Mass focusing CC should not be the only way to deal with Yi especially when he is behind in CS & Levels.

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