Shoutouts to the eSports fans who have stayed throughout the boards

Whether it was suggestions to make the competition better, those who had a passionate voice of opinion, every single ~~nearly onesided~~ NA vs EU backlash, I just want to say it's been enjoyable. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I started on the eSports boards after the change to Azubu. I started being vocal in that small chat talking with a handful of people and eventually modding for MSI 2016. Eventually we started talking power rankings and how critical we were about the lolesports power rankings specifically. I thought to carry it here to the boards and just make informative content. Both of those things I didn't necessarily do. I wound up being more of the opinion critic. But I always remained neutral and willing to enjoy everything of the scene...unless something actually sucked. This is probably the end of the road for me once the boards go. I don't feel like heading to another community, Reddit, Discord group, you name it. So, I'm just putting out my thanks to everyone who's made this ride through the boards over the past couple of seasons worth it. Name drops especially go out to Bakuryu, ChompyWulf, and E Man Forever (_and Incrediphill and BigBellBrute - thank you...still might be missing some_); might be missing a few but eh. --- I'll be around til the end in the meantime. In case I don't do another honest post, here's a careless power top 10 among LCS, LCK, and LEC as it stands right now: 1. **Cloud 9** - They're 12-0 and have a damn clue of how to play the game. Who cares about LCS "not being competitive." Half the LCK is ass! 2. **T1 eSports** - The only other team that has a clue how to play the game. They have shown slight weakness hence the struggle between 1 or 2. 3. **Gen.G eSports** - Ever the consistent but it also feels hard to judge out the 3 thru 7 4. **Fnatic** - Genuinely the most positive of the EU teams right now in the tie at the top 5. **DragonX** - One of the two underdogs raised by veteran squads. The spot that was going to be given to Misfits and then...they sorta just happened last week. 6. **Origen** - They may be slow...but they're methodical in their approach. It's very familiar.... 7. **G2 eSports** - They may still look dominant...but DAMN have they had bad games that make you scratch your head. Trust issues exist.... 8. **Flyquest** - Have been quite impressive as of late. It's worth backing them. Also trees. 9. **Misfits Gaming** - They were higher...I said it at 5. I really had them above the other EU teams even... 10. **Afreeca Freecs** - Standings say one thing. But I see value in this team over other teams on the bubble of top 10 (the bubble being MAD Lions and Rogue. Sorry NA, your soup is cold). I hold this opinion until something tells me otherwise in the way a team plays. Unfortunately we're losing LCK and getting back LPL. This is never easy; no wonder I didn't do these in detail! Oh well, take care everyone! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}

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Honestly never really liked you and especially ever since our NA/Worlds discussions awhile back but always respected you. Take care and thank you for 5(I don't know how long honestly) years on the boards. Peace{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} MYE - Was annoying because the dude would always start every discussion with "Yeah and X( this is why you are wrong) I swear the dude was either Montecristo or Kelsey Moser secretly. IDK what happened to the dude as lost contact with him 2 years ago. BigBellBrute(AKA BB) - Anytime I'd make a prediction and get it wrong he'll be right on my a$$. A real dick but surprisingly cool. Chompy - Legit had that Immortals board for like 4 1/2 years. #Respect The more even keel within the group. IncrediblePhil - Legit would get pissed about anything C9 would do wrong, lost a game etc. Think how I get with NA at Worlds but would be for C9 during the regular season. I'm missing a few others and all but yeah, I don't regret the time on these boards 1 bit.
I decided to do my thing randomly back in week 3 of the 2019 summer split, I did it with the hopes that I could help to pump in some meme power into the boards. Instead of doing a doom and gloom of a bad team I would merely laugh at them. It was kind of cool how we had a trio thing going. I had the memes you were the refined critique and BAKURYU was a bit in between. In a sense we were all kind of the leaders on the island of misfit toys Gemeni you were the first one to comment on my first This Week in League Post. You gave the confidence to stick with this gig. You gave me useful constructive criticism to improve my posts and have refined my craft thanks to you. BAKURYU you did miss me in you comments. Jokes aside you were also helped me build the confidence needed to continue posting. You also helped me get used to the increased spotlight that comes with posts like congrats TSM and other posts that somehow got onto the top of the boards home page. I plan on archiving all of my funny posts before the 16th. So that they are not lost to the Ether of time and post them on my subreddit in between splits. It’s been a wild ride and I hope to continue into Reddit. Remember I have a link to the subreddit on my latest post. If any of you are interested feel free to ask me if you want to help moderate the shitposting base. ChompyWulf, I still remember how you got into a political debate with a moderator on my Echo Fox post. I look back on that moment with a few laughs. I feel like that debate ship has sailed and we’ve been on better terms. It’s an end to an era but it was a dang good time if I say so myself. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
I'll miss our discussions and your humor within the NA LCS and E-Sports board itself. Like I said in your first E-Sports board post " Great post". I also might not have responded or commented on every of your posts but I did read them. Only remember you within the E-Sports board for maybe a year....not 100% sure. Well, I might actually do what Gem said himself and just stop posting about anything League related once the boards goes away and not venture onto different websites. Kinda called this my home and nothing can replace my home. Well, {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Have a great day and hope all is well with the world.
It's sad they're sending the board to the graveyard. (Again). The best thing was that among the handful of us who called this board home to discuss Esports, there was always a level of respect. Exchanges might have gotten heated, but it was out of passion for something we all enjoyed, and even if people disagreed it didn't turn into grudges and harassment. After this long, I likewise am loath to jump into a new community to discuss LoL Esports. I'll keep an eye open to see if the board ever returns again and hope to see the regs again if it does. If not, it's been a good little informal brotherhood, and keep enjoying your fandoms, dudes.
> " Exchanges might have gotten heated, but it was out of passion for something we all enjoyed, and even if people disagreed it didn't turn into grudges and harassment. True that. You don't stay on the boards for as long as we have and not care about the scene and the people within the scene. Have a good one.

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