[REQUEST] Ability to hide specific ward skins from champion select menu

Hey, I have request for a client feature. Over years, as a support main, I have acquired about 50 different ward skins. Of those 50, there's about 30 I never use, 10 I use from time to time and 10 I'm swapping through every game. The problem is, sometimes it's hard to find specific ward skin I'm looking for in champion select. Menu which lets me select ward skins is a mess sorted by no specific order. And if i get a new ward skin, they are all shifted so there's no point in remembering where they are. I request a feature in a ward skin collection which would let me hide specific ward skins from showing up in champion select. For example, in image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ss6Fe0JnZdAeZr6Ch3qzg9Zz6aucUD4B three ward skins would be disabled and couldn't be selected for game until i checked their boxes to activate them again. (Sorry for bad photoshop). That way, I could reduce the amount of ward skins in champion select which would in turn make it easier to find the one I want to use. Thank you for consideration and your hard work! Yashamon

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