The removal of language options is hurting league communities

Friends whom used to join me from other regions have stopped logging on to their alts because the language makes it harder to figure out quests and play new champions with a language they don't read well. I see no reason, if the language is supported, why is the option being removed? This is a huge step backwards for accessibility and it seems it's just being swept under the rug like it's part of normal upgrades or something.

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What language option removal are you referring to? Are you referring to the removal of the language selection drop down on the top left of the new login screen? I think the language selection should still be accessible through the settings page. To get to the settings page click the gear on the bottom right of the new login screen.
The drop down is there, but the only available language is English in NA. A few international discord friends speak japanese and spanish as a first language, and while able to chat in english well, reading complex tooltips is difficult.
i can still change my language.... seems like an error on you/your friend behalf At some point the languages were locked on a per-region basis, I do not know how you can still do it unless you're looking at server list instead of language.
I appreciate the response but what's the point of a language selection with one choice?
why even restrict language in the first place? Why would you make me jump through hoops going into a settings file and changing region language settings when the supported language files are there all along? Is this some discrimination thing that you have going? If i want the client to be in my native language, why cant i have that option?

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