Super Mega Explosion Arena Fight!!!

((Hey guys! I’m new here but I thought it would be fun to test out your imaginations with a super badass silly arena battle! The premise is that Veigar wants to create an evil team of Yordle scum to take over the world. So he has put the call out to all Yordles... whoever is the last Yordle standing will join him on his Dark Crusade! Anyone can join, just make up an original Yordle character, their look and whatever their special weapon is! The other rule is to be cool to each other and know beforehand that your precious Yordle is most likely going to end badly! I will begin!)) OGREMACH Yordle Death Knight, wielder of Smashkrump, a rocket on a chain In a pocket realm created by the most devious being to ever exist, a jagged rock floats through the Nether. Purplish dark bolts of Unlightning flash dangerously, highlighting a crooked tower jutting from the floating rock like a spike of malice. At the base of the tower, a deceptively crude arena. Roughly 100 feet from end to end, with rows of seats, but no spectators, lines of blue swirling portals ring the nefarious dirt floor, hinting at some horrible purpose... Suddenly with a flash, one of the portals disgorges a small spiked metal figure. He lands with a cry like a scalded cat. “What in the blazes!?! *koff koff* The diminutive figure rises and shakes the dirt and magic dust from his bat winged visor. He is a strange sight, a ragged black furred Yordle with spiked, equally dark and menacing looking armor... he looks around grumpily at first until his beady red eyes light up and crinkle with a knowing smile. He has heard the rumors... he has been chosen! The thought barely has time to form before other portals begin to swirl, other, less worthy challengers are coming through... Ogremach hefts his ridicously large rocket mace, Smashkrump and wipes more dirt from his dark armor... “Come one, come all, the fights begun!!! Well Smash and we’ll bash til there’s only one!”

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((if youre still planning on doing this rp ill think of an OC really quickly but the OC wont have a character sheet .. i can just give you details along the way but i wont post my beginning dialogue until i know youre still watching and active on the thread))

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