Teamfight Tactics patch 10.2 notes

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Any plans to introduce new arena skins, especially now that the selector has been upgraded? I would like to have skins based on the different regions of Runeterra.
Way to make Olaf even more OP, the item buffs make him stronger even with the slight attack speed nerf
Ya'll are really just gonna ignore how terrible preds are right now? Okay...
Let's break this down, shall I: * Assassin, which should've been removed in Set 2 (along with Glacial) is getting buffed, despite being unbalanceable & uncounterable. * Inferno, whose rework was decidedly a failure & came out super OP, then got buffed despite being super OP, is getting buffed a 2nd time despite being super OP. * Mage, the strongest class in the game, is getting buffed completely out of left field. * No nerfs to Lunar in sight. Nerfing Leona & Karma individually is completely irrelevant. Lunar should not give 100% crit & bonus damage. Bloody hell, I thought Summoner's Rift's devs were bad. Apparently TFT is where they transfer their most-incompetent & powercreep-loving employees. I'm done with this game. It's just not worth my time. Back to ARAM & SR I go. At least SR let's me ban Aphelios. There are no bans to fix the severe imbalances in TFT.
From someone who's Gold 4 0 LP and has been trying to force 6 Light in their recent ranked games...I don't think that many people will miss you? FWIW, I think it's generally agreed on that Assassins are really weak right now (and uncounterable only if you never change your positioning), Inferno is in a pretty balanced spot right now (6 Inferno a bit weak so buffs warranted), Mages are weaker than in previous patches, and Lunar is weak against the synergies they buffed, resulting in an indirect nerf.
So what this means is sivir is no longer viable for any blade master comp and should be skipped in favor of using spat to make someone useful a blade master.
It would be helpful if these patch notes mentioned when the patch is intended to go live. Or name this a preview until the moment the patch actually hits live. I go into game uncertain whether it's the old or new patch. It would be additionally helpful if you had the TFT patch notes prominently in the client somewhere for us TFT-only players.
> Karma is no longer 7’6” (228cm). ... GAME IS NOW UNPLAYABLE. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT RITO!
The patch almost always goes live the night after the release of the notes, so the day after the patch notes, the patch should be live. You can also see in the client, the version number is written in the bottom-right corner, so you can see that right now, it's v10.1, so those patch notes don,t apply yet.
Thank God that theyre finally making monsters not effected by Zephyr. Waiting on dragon or Rift to finally fall back down has been annoying since Set 1
GM player here -Assassin is in a bad state where literally only Qiyana and Kha'zix are the only above average/great assassins. Nocturne got nerfed to the ground due to blender nerfs, Diana is for early game, LeBlanc is for woodland comps and don't shine in assassin comps, Zed is too expensive and requires items that can't really be used on anyone else mid game to even function as a decent unit. 3 Assassin Buff is only minor, just gives them some help. 6 Assassins will not be good, as you are still holding a lot of units not worth keeping for the entire duration of the game. -Inferno needs a bit of a buff. Not that good at 3, and 6 is really risky due to the ocean nerfs and the lack of front line. Needs an inferno spat to function correctly, and you are giving up a rod for that which is probably the best item in the game for carries. -Mages are not the strongest comp in the game. The Sivir and Friends comp is the strongest currently. The only good mage is Brand, and even then Brand is a really expensive unit to chase. He is also clunky in that his ult still manages to fizzle out sometimes, and he only shines in 3 mage comps. Even then, 3 mage comps is whatever because you are keeping in 2 crappy units for a chance of double casting. 6 mage buff is needed, the comp is just bad. -You only run lunar as a side benefit for how good the two lunar units are. No one cares about the lunar buff, and are fine transitioning it out when there is a chance. The units themselves are broken and got nerfed because of it.
The state of assassins is irrelevant. They break the game's rules, are unbalanceable as a result, inherently ruin gameplay & are anti-fun by nature. They need to be removed; when Assassins are viable, everybody suffers.
You could make the same argument for Soulbound, Guardian Angel, Spatula Items, Lux, Qiyana, and so many more things. I don't get your super hate on assassins in particular, as they make the game not purely front-to-back based and provide an option to check a lot of comps.
Qiyana is an assassin, bro... just proving my point. Yes, the same can be said for those & it has been said for all of those. Yet the devs refuse to answer those either. Further proving my point about blatant powercreep. As for Assassins, I already explained why I hate them. They break the rules, they're unbalanceable, they're uncounterable. Until they combined PD with Thornmail, they were literally 1-shotting tanks (hence why they combined those items.) Claiming they "check" certain comps is just intentional excuse for bad game design. The devs could make healthy counters, but they choose the lazy route. They choose the Assassin route. At least Blitzcrank is gone.

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