Tencent Playing a Role in LCS?

Let's be honest. The best team with the best player was shut out 3-0 in the finals. Most everyone I've seen hated season 7 and the swath of non-sensical changes the last two seasons since the Cinderhulk-meta when the game was SOOO good. So after thinking about it, could this be the result of Tencent trying to get the trophy back in Chinese hands? I have serious doubts that Samsung was THAT GOOD out of practically nowhere. Only two of the 5 remained from Samsung White and they are not near the caliber of SKT's team. It is one thing to win, it is another to dominate in the finals like they did. Do not get me wrong, I'm not korean and in fact hate/am jealous of their gaming scene compared to what we have in the states. But as an American who has seen the blanant throwing, fixing, AND scripting of professional sporting events HERE for the sake of profit/generating story lines/interest, it would not surprise me at all to see a terrible company like Tencent manipulate things in favor of who they want to benefit. We know the Chinese are even more about fixing things in their favor as with the Beijing Olympics several years ago. Yes, this is a question concerning a possible conspiracy theory, but when shit stinks it shouldn't just be ignored. This last seasons finals stunk, and everyone knows it except probably the Chinese fanbois.

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