Username update prompt will be mandatory starting next week

Last month we turned on an optional Riot Account update prompt in the client. Now that it’s been on for a few weeks and all players who need to make a change should have an email listing the accounts they need to change, we’re going to be making the pop-up mandatory starting next week. This change means players that need to update to globally unique usernames will **not be able to play until they update their account**. If you’ve played in the past few weeks and haven’t gotten a pop-up (or you've made your username unique), you’re in the clear. To find out if you need to update your account, you can visit [this website]( We’ve also updated the [account update website]( to allow you to change your account name again if you mistakenly swapped it to the wrong thing, or just want to see what else is available. These changes are in advance of an update next month which will remove the region selector from the login screen.** You’ll still be able to log in to any region**, but you’ll need to use the account associated with the region to do it. If you haven’t updated your account by then you won’t be able to log in at all if your username isn’t unique, and you’ll need to go to [this website]( to make the change. We know that this rollout created some confusion, but this change is necessary prep for launching our future games, and getting this done now will make your first experiences with those games much better down the road. You can find out more about the Riot Account update by checking out this [Riot Support FAQ](, which includes more details, some additional context, and a few tips that might help out.

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Hah, it was OPTIONAL up to this point, huh? Then why the hell was i forced to change it a month ago?
> **GreenKnight \(EUNE\) said:** Hah, it was OPTIONAL up to this point, huh? Then why the hell was i forced to change it a month ago? They made it optional after a couple of days.
> **fillesten \(EUW\) said:** They made it optional after a couple of days. After the backlash then. Good to know...
If we have a PBE account can request support to swap the usernames since I log onto PBE noticeably less
Even easier: you can do it yourself! On [this website]( you can update your own username, swapping whichever one you want. Just log in to the one you want to change first.
so like what if i don't want to... i kinda like my log in info D:
Will we still be able to pay to switch an account to a different region, or will that option be removed as well? How will this impact the creation of new accounts across regions; will we be able to select or will the system detect where we are playing?
There an ETA on when the last of those emails are supposed to be done by? I've changed all the accounts I could think of myself but still haven't received an email of any kind.
One thing the FAQ isn't clear on is why people have to change their account name when it's shared by dead/inactive accounts. I have a friend who is very attached to their username, but there's a 3 year old inactive account with the same name on a different region. Does this mean they have to pound sand and change while the dead account squats on the name?
So client bugs will be fixed when?
How about instead you can the whole thing and admit it was a bloody mistake from the start? Seriously this was a terrible idea, executed even *worse*. "Ok, we will no longer distinguish between regions, instead of a league account for a specific region, you just have a Riot Account" "Oh cool, does that mean we can now use the same account to play on any region, say if we want to play with friends on another server?" "Hah no, that would actually be useful. No you still are locked to one region per account. We just removed the distinguisher between accounts to reduce security, lower the total number of accounts, and cause username conflicts. Oh and we chose the most stupid way of resolving those, by making it the last man standing gets to keep their accountname. Which is the account that no longer plays the game" And with all that nonsense, here comes the big question. *Why*? There are a ton of problems with this system. But there seems to be absolutely no benefit. We dont get to switch regions on the same account. And even if the other games are going to not seperate by region, that doesnt mean you need to get rid of the system. Just do it like you did with the LoR beta, where you still login by region but arent seperated by it. Why instead make this stupid mess that noone wants or likes? Frankly at this point if you refuse to change the system or fix how you handle username conflicts, Im simply gonna stop playing League. Its been a fun 10 years, but Im not about to let this go.
I have a question. Does this mean if we don't get this prompt that our current name will become a username for all games by Riot going forward? So, for example, if I start playing Legends of Runeterra, would this be my login name?
If we already have distinct/unique Usernames, what's stopping you from making the Summoner name system like Steam so that players can get whatever name they want? And because this game is free to play, there will be high amounts of name saturation, so even a Discord style system could be used. Personally, it would make the game even more open and much more enjoyable.
Personally, I would prefer a Discord-like system with any name you want + a "#" and 4 numbers.
I have had the issue of the client not remembering my user and password after clicking on the box after updating my username. Can you guys look into fixing this issue as it is a little annoying to have to retype everything in each time I wanna play.
Has the issue been fixed where my username is clashing with my own Old PBE account username?
Yeah, I really want to know why I, (who have had this username for 7-8 years, played vaguely consistently over the years, and still wish to continue playing) am being forced to change my username, while the person in russia with the same username who has played for season 5 & 6 (and hasn't played since then) isn't.
What will eventually happen with accounts that no new username was selected for? The Riot account model can't work until all the 'legacy' accounts are resolved, right?
Having went through the full rules, in light of being unable to play the game without going through with the migration, I found out that the rules are even more bizzare than I have previously imagined. In order to claim my username, I need to be the LAST person to do so... Which means that if there is at least one other account, in any other region, even if it is no longer in use and will NEVER have it's username changed, I will not be able to claim my username. It is a war of attrition, in which the dead person wins. This is so absolutely ridiculous, I think it might be rubbing off on my own IQ. I can feel the points getting shaved-off just trying to understand how anyone at Riot arrived at this specific way to handle things. Worst part is that when I raised this issue with @Support, they basically told me to bugger off and have a nice 2020... as if the year in which I lose my ability to access my account was anything good from either perspective.

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