Nathaniel, the assassin of the Moon.

So I came with this idea : Name : Nathaniel/Nathan PASSIVE : Nathaniel's autoattacks are empowered when he is closer to the target, dealing 15-25 (+6-12%) additional damage. Nathaniel wields gun and magical bracelet, if he is further from the target, he wields a gun, if he is closer, he wields a magical bracelet. Q: Nathaniel will fire three moon missiles, decreasing enemy magic armor 3/4/5% depending on the number of moon missiles he fired. Nathaniel will teleport closer to the marked enemy, if he hits enemy with a three moon missiles. W: Nathaniel leaps back and then forwards when he succeeds, he will get 6% + of his movement speed. When casting this spell, he strikes the enemy, he will slow it down. E: PASSIVE : Nathaniel's magical bracelet is filling with magic by using autoattacks and spells. If his bracelet is filled, the next spell will mark the enemy. Active :  He use his magic bracelet, and silence the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Aa R: He will transform to his god form, empowering autoattacks for 15 seconds by 25 (+12% of his AP) and he will also spawn a moon creature. This creature will go after enemies and explode dealing 90 (+38% of his AP), if enemies gets exploded, they will be stunned for 1.8 seconds. Hope you like it and sorry for my bad English.

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