I will never jungle with low elo players again even if its my best role

My god. They are literally the most entitled trash cans ive ever seen. A player will shove to the enemy tower all game and wonder why you havent ganked their lane or die by the enemy tower and blame you for it. Speaking of ganks nobody even understands what a "gank" is in low elo. "i died because jungler ganked" No you died because you pushed to the enemy tower with 0 wards while low on hp. The laners cry 24/7 because they are bad then blame jungler yet have no idea how to even jungle. Psa: Jungle is NOT just "gank my lane 24/7" You cannot really gank a hard losing lane, you cannot really gank if you are a mid/late game champion, you cant gank if the lane state is bad, you cant gank if neither champion has cc and the enemy is full hp. If you arent master tier please shut the actual fuck up to your jungler because 99.9% of the time you are 100% clueless. Ive had so many assholes scream and yell as they are feeding in a lane they in theory win hard 1v1 while me the jungler is playing a gank at level 6 champion. I guess people just dont understand the concept, some junglers farm and get strong at 6+, some junglers gank early. Nobody can magically save your lane from whatever destruction you did. Learn to take responsibility and also learn the game. My god.

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