PBE Bug Report - Ashe Ultimate not casting

In case it's needed, PBE Summoner Name is "Tea With Beta". Just played a game where I wanted to try making an Ashe carry, but I started noticing that she just wasn't casting her ult a good 50% of the time. I initially thought this was because she was being attacked, and maybe there was some odd CC interaction, because her mana bar would reset, no ult animation, stun, or damage, and she'd start her shojin empowered mana gain back to full. After a couple more rounds, it happened two out of three ults in one round while she was completely left alone, but I noticed that she started winding the ult up as a target died. With how hectic the fight was, I couldn't tell if it was the furthest target, but this behavior kept occurring over and over, where her mana bar would just *poof* instead of a giant arrow coming out. I'll try recording future games if I decide to pick Ashe up.

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i would probably post this on the pbe boards

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