Mechs vs Minions 2? Or Support? Digital?

Is there any chance that we can get official support for multiple boards place onto each other (3D Chess)? Or is there going to be a new game (Not saying I'm bored or lazy or it's still not fun)? Or am I just on my own? {{champion:68}} (Not that thats bad or I dont mind or anything) And any chance on a digital version? (Maybe with a **competitive** puzzle assembly of some kind for [not talking about missions]?) Anyways, thanks for your time, great game! And I hope to see more! (I'm ok if I dont)

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Did you see the post about S.C.R.A.P.?
Uh...Uhhhhh...huh....hmmmm. (Aurelion Sol Login Screen) **Why create a Modual Program? Declairations? Ah, un** I used the word "Terror" (Bold sentence was written fully then deleted for the bellow line, then edited back in but I forgot the last two words) (uninterupted development proccess)
I would LOVE to see a digital version of the game. It would make the drawbacks of the game non-existent, easy DLC in case of additional missions, etc. I am a huge supporter of this!

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