Multiple Zephyr Blade issues

Basically, multiple Zephyr Blades are debunked by a single quicksilver. Enter me, three Zephyr's. Enter my opponent, a single Quicksilver. Opponent puts a single unit on the way far side of the map with the quicksilver, no Zephyr's go off because all three simultaneously focus the same target. A couple things. 1.) 3 Zephyrs going off simultaneously should be three targets. Yes, one would get eaten by the Quicksilver, but since they're going off at the same time they should hit two other targets. 2.) Quicksilver has a 5 second cool down. Even if all three focused the same guy, the quicksilver should have been set on cooldown by the first, then eaten the second, leaving the third to get someone else. This can make and break matches, and it's an abuse of the power a quicksilver has.

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