Quick LoL Thoughts: January 17

Hi folks, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------**Usual Disclaimers** These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: https://twitter.com/RiotMeddler http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/6.24.1/img/champion/Ziggs.png ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Format change for posts this year** Hope 2020 is treating you folks well so far! As part of this first post of the year I wanted to start by talking about a format change we're doing. From today onwards instead of a weekly post from me we'll instead be doing alternating weeks of posts from myself and RiotScruffy. My day to day at work doesn't involve as much interaction with the SR and Champion teams as it used to when I started these posts. A lot of the topics you folks want more context on are from the work of those teams though. As a result Scruffy's going to cover the work of those teams more than I will, talking about things like state of the current patch on SR, balance plans, how new champions have landed etc. My posts will be taking a broader look at topics across LoL as a whole. with some overlap on SR topics but less focus on things like recent/upcoming balance changes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Blue versus Red win rates post preseason** One of the metrics we keep an eye on when making large changes to LoL is how win rates for the two sides of the map are affected. Different queues (blind pick, flex, solo/duo etc) have different trends, as do different regions. For today I wanted to share some data on Ranked Solo/Duo primarily post preseason. Historically Blue side has had a slight advantage in ranked on SR, preseason changes however have removed most or all of that edge though, depending on which region you look at. Increased importance of dragons is what we believe has driven this change, given Red side has better dragon access than blue. Overall it's a result we're quite happy with for ranked. https://imgur.com/a/dYsR1uw . https://imgur.com/a/Pr9S4h5 . https://imgur.com/a/ega2HLB . https://imgur.com/a/9T3zSEn Blind pick also shows red side performing stronger post preseason. In that queue however red was already favored. https://imgur.com/a/cvtfm1R While it's tempting to assume that's due to draft champ select favoring blue over red Flex queue shows the same trend as blind pick, suggesting other factors are significant as well or instead. We're going to dig into non Solo/Duo win rates by map side a bit more to figure out what's going on there. https://imgur.com/a/Q1lDpEG ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Continuing with no mid-season this year** In 2019 we decided not to do a large midseason patch, keeping the game more stable mid ranked season and putting dev time instead into other work like preseason. Looking back at 2019 as a whole and player response to that decision we think that was the correct call so will be doing the same this year. We realize for some players with a preference for more frequent large changes that will be a bit disappointing. Overall consensus from feedback we gathered was very strongly in favor of a more stable mid year period though hence the decision. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Clarity focus this year** By contrast something we'll be looking to do differently this year is focusing more on clarity, both in and out of game. Upon reflection it's something we don't feel we've done as well at as we should have recently so we'll be making it more of a priority over the course of the year. Examples of issues we'll be looking to improve include things like clarity of spell visual effects for new champions, ease of understanding how event passes work, ability to follow combat in TFT, removing unnecessary complexity from abilities/items etc. That will be a focus across the year as a whole, rather than a single set of changes, so will be a gradual process. Wanted to call it out though since I know it's something on a number of your minds as well and feedback on how we're doing throughout the year would be much appreciated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Event Improvements** Another focus for us right now is improving our event experience, with our hope being that each large event we do this year has some clear improvements in it. Current thinking involves things like: * Making sure we've got a temporary game mode for each event as per the recent Gameplay and Ranked Dev Video * Improvements to Event passes and missions. Reduction in grind needed and more missions completion flexibility for the recent Night and Dawn event seemed to go really well for example and we think there are some other ways to improve those elements further. * Story and theme having a stronger presence throughout event experiences. Still figuring out approach here but want to take a shot at this goal throughout the year. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **TFT Pass** Finally for anyone wondering which TFT rewards they'll still be able to unlock this Set - there are about 8000 points still to come. If you're chasing that final egg as a result for example it should still doable provided you're at or above the 8000 mark right now.

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Ah, thanks for that image formatting boards, that's definitely exactly what I was trying for.
Any plans or work for Irelia in the foreseeable future given the gap between high elo/low elo and the fact that she has been pushed more towards mid lane than top lane after conqueror rework?
So when will you fix the fact that jungle xp is a legit joke. Enemy top 4/4. Me as jg 7/2. Enemy top is 2 lvls ahead. Its ridiculous that even when ahead the jungler is still behind in levels like hes losing. Why does the jungle role not get to have any agency in late game fights. P.S. dont bring back catchup xp. Just buff xp, catchup xp is awful.
Hey Meddler as part of the clarity pass, is one of the candidates for better clarity Aphelios. As a pretty complex champ he seems bound to have a lot of burden of knowledge
Riot and their slick new formats involving more scruff. :p I kinda wish we had a mid-season patch still tbh. I feel like the splits (in pro and ranked) are feeling more negligable. Split in ranked feels almost I invisible and offer some rewards and I'd be interested to see if that increased player participation or not. Splits in Pro (afaik I'm NA atkeast) are feeling negligable as well. It feels more and more like everything is back loaded into the end of the season and you just skate on through the year without any real shake ups (except for maybe a strong new champion, but that SHOULD be more of an outlier in a meta)
Hey Meddler, since I am sure there have been many complaints How are MF and Leona looking for the team. Are they on the watchlist for changes?
Have you guys been keeping an eye on Lux since her VFX update? The added clarity to her skillshots made them easier to dodge, leaving her in a not great position. Not to mention whatever bug she's suffering from that resulted in her getting disabled in the LEC's first week.
Hi Meddler, is there any chance that Sejuani will see some more substantial changes (revert, partial revert, partial rework)? All of the recent buffs to her numbers have done just about nothing for Sejuani with her winrate still hovering at or below 46% even though only mains are playing her. There is a lot of support among Sejuani mains for these types of changes and we think substantial changes are needed in order to make Sejuani a viable solo queue champion. Thanks for any information at all.
Any thoughts on the state Skarner so far this season? He is seeing a rise in popularity in top lane.
Hi Meddler ! I would love to see more stats from Riot directly ! These articles are really interesting and I'd love to have more stats available ! Also, concerning Akali, is there a way to change her without completely destroying her like the patch notes suggest ? ...
On the topic of clarity, whatever happened to that tooltip update that was supposed to remove some of the mental math along with updating the various stats to use symbols whenever mentioned in the tooltip?
Hey Meddler, hope you enjoyed your holidays. This question is probably a shot in the dark at this point, but can we please get some context on the current Karma buffs on PBE? Increasing her base damage seems like something mostly beneficial for tank Karma... and that's really not something we want.
Can we have any Shyvana progress update, even on future thoughts?
Thoughts on Sylas after the changes? Does he still need help? Overall there has been dissatisfaction with the way he feels, namely some clunkiness and his Q not feeling like an ability until its maxed
Fix your damn client.
I was wondering about those karma changes. Her base damages aren't really the thing that her solo lane needs. Her RQ explosion damage isn't satisfying to pull off and her ratios just promote her to build support. I really think that she needs some ratio buffs because building full AP and seeing mid-game damage numbers don't feel good. It'll also help keep support karma in line because they rarely ever build full AP ( and if they do they're spending more money than they got for it).
One big important question, Since Riot has been delaying the creation of truly dedicated AP Bruiser items for years now and the last time I got a response about why AP Bruiser items were not added this preseason like originally promised last year I was told that we would get them sometime this season, but since you have just started that there would be no big Mid-season patch does that mean AP Bruiser items have to atleast wait until next preseason? I just want clarity since these items have been delayed for years and you guys have admitted that Mordekaiser and other Bruisers are giving kits that have to have ways to make up for the lack of itemization.
it was going to take more than 5 minutes of work, thats what happened.
Wanted to put it in another post because it's a different problem in the bot lane. But mage supports like Zilean or tanks like Taric and Braum are having a difficult time getting their second item, due to the changes on support money. Now you sorta HAVE to do your quest as quickly as possible or you'll lose out on a lot of gold from it's over time passive
Will you guys ever (in the near future) update/buff Brand so he can become a midlaner and can leave bot lane? I'd love to play him solo lane, but at this point it is just trolling to pick him other than as a support.

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