Patch 10.2 Notes

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Yay. A useless partial revert to Sona that will continue to leave her as the least-played support in the game. This literally fails to do anything about the fact she is an immobile pinata that **MUST** burn Flash &/or ult every time a stiff breeze blows her way. Furthermore, Song of Celerity is now literally the exact same fucking ability at every rank? Who the fuck designed this update? If it wasn't already damn-well close enough to a 1-point skill before, it quite LITERALLY gains jack shit from being ranked up now. In the very absolute most literal sense. Just fucking revert her already. **#RevertSona2020**
periodt pooh.
bruh why a ziggs buff he already hurts me hella :(
What about the Client? Still having issues....😥
Guardian of the Sands is not spelled correctly throughout the entire notes
Is the Sona buff a typo? Because otherwise that ability no longer scales at all, and that just seems unintuitive.
Hotfix Vi's ult. It's not fully unstoppable. Thank you.
Still no one for all mode? I am waiting for this mode so bad.can you please release it again?
Ok but what about the account transfer issue. No remark about that. When is that getting fixed?
Saber gonna be sad with the cait fix
I know this is moreso a typo than an outright error, but it's a little humorous to see Darius' ultimate be named "Maximum Damage" instead of "Noxian Guillotine"
No, it does. Just only in CD, and in ALLY movement speed. Her SELF movement speed buff is at 25% flat now because they want her specifically to have a better time dodging hooks and what not.
0.04 means 4% per 100
To those who are not understanding...... Sona's E (celerity) only has a SELF base. Not team flat base. You still have to upgrade it to speed your team.
RIP Machine gun Caitlyn Headshot auto cancel Why does riven get to keep her animation cancels?
Riven does not use 5-6 empowered autos that can easily do 500 damage fairly early on. Most tanks even do not have 2500 hp. Its for a similar reason as Jhin losing the rapid fire on his ultimate.
It only says "self movement speed" safe to assume her allies still get 10%-14%
It's not the same at every rank. The ability speeds other people up which still improves every level. Calm the fuck down
Only the self move speed is flat, which is awesome. The passive slow and ally move speed will still scale. And hey, I'll take any buffs on her at this point. At least now I can actual run away from those stiff breezes blowing my way.

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