Now that the boards are closing, here's a leaked narrative end of Runeterrra

As Lissandra died of a hearth attack from stopping Sylas from yeeting the moon into Runeterra with his chains, the Watchers finally broke free from their icy cage. After a millenia of slumber, they could finally begin their attack on Runeterra and destroy this reality that disturbed their peace of nothingness. Then, a portal appeared, and the champions of Runeterra, the League of Legends, the most powerful exemplaries Runeterra had to offer, appeared. Sivir, now mortal empress of Shurima, holding Azir's decapitated head in a hand and the Chalicar in another, alongside Taliyah, who just one shotted Xerath, Lux, who just brought peace and unity to Demacia with a speech about power of friendship, Riven, who just 1 shoted Morde by cutting off his hand with Narsi-....I mean her green sword thingy, and defeated the countless armies of the Trifarix with the help of untrained peasents from Ionia, Yasuo, who became one with Liz, the spirit of Ionia. Others appeared as well, like Qiyana of Ixtal, but she died instantly. So did others, like Aatrox, who couldn't handle a Watcher tentacls Even with all that plot armor, the champions of Runeterra were defeated, but not before killing half of the Watchers. Then, when it was finally becoming clear that everything is lost, Targon decided to unleash the World Runes and the celestial dragon Aurelion Sol An epic battle happened which shattered Runeterra, but we won't describe it. Now enjoy 10 paragraphs of Vi in an elevator instead After said epic battle, Lux was floating in the space, kept alive only by her light magic shield. Don't ask where the fuck did she get her oxygen from. ~~She recycled her farts~~ Finally, some overweight dudes with neckbeards in some weird bathroom purple robes appeared before her, telling her that Targon actually created a bunch more dimensions as a backup in case Runeterra failed Lux then used her knowledge of magic gotten from her scroll, who btw was prophecied to be hers after defeating the evil overgrown blue balled smurf that kept it hidden, to absorb the remnants of the magic unleashed from the World Runes that destroyed Runeterra With that magic, she became a god, ruling over one of the nine dimensions Sivir and Taliyah were revived by her and ruled over the sand dimension, where everyone soon starved including them due to not having anything to eat but sand. Turns out killing Azir and the rest of the Ascended had consequences beyond just thematically killing Shurima huh. And so begins a new story Runeterra: Age of Luxmar. I want to thank you all for using the boards this entire time and for reading my posts. I wish you all well. Hope you enjoyed this last shitpost

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