Sylas wastes a passive stack during the travel time of the 2nd part of his E.

**[GAMEPLAY] Sylas will sometimes auto-attack nothing after hitting the 2nd part of his E** Firstly, I just noticed while watching a replay, thus I don't know what causes it and how often it happens. I will be on the lookout from now on. When connecting the 2nd part of Sylas' E, during his travel time Sylas auto-attacks without having a target. This wastes a passive stack and results in missed damage. Judging by the video I have attached you need to : 1. Use first part of E 2. Use the 2nd part of E 3. While E is flying, click on a target nearby to auto-attack 4. If the auto-attack animation is about to begin as the chains connect, the auto-attack will come out but miss the target. This description above is my guess as to how it happens. Again, I will test it more and update the discussion.

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