I figured I should be doing one of these as well.

Yes, it's another farewell post. I've only been here for 15 months, but it was a fun time. Before, I just read the lore by myself and simply lurked (hi, I'm an introvert, also EUW boards don't have the SA&S subsection), but when Bioluminescence said she couldn't continue the Lore Tournament, I started to do it. Because why not? I didn't really know what I got myself into at that time, but I found some friends and a great community that cares about the Runeterran universe. Shoutout to the Lore of League Discord and others. I enjoyed (and still do) working out the timeline, figuring out different metaphors for death, the meanings of the Celestial Realm, or just shitposting about the Lore with you. (We rediscovered the "Is Vel'Koz Rengar's missing Eye" forums post just today, it was hilarious.) Then I was chosen as Specialist. Just like before, I tried to be a positive influence on this Board, encourage discussions, but also stay nice and friendly even when people are wrong. What does "wrong" even mean here? Not much, actually. The most common things were people posting in the wrong section of the boards. (Yeah, I'm sorry, to this day Moderators are unable to move threads. I know.) Then there are occasional spammers that just post everywhere, and a few other incidents, but overall I'm really glad you all are so nice. # #### **_~~I'm proud to be part of the Story, Art & Sound Subboard.~~_** So, that's my story. What will happen in the future? I don't know. I'm certainly not leaving the community, so I'll be in the Lore of League Discord Server (not a Reddit user, sorry) as well as the forums made by Wuks and co. Even though I don't play League anymore, I'm still excited for the other stuff Riot is putting out. LoR, Ruined King, Conv/rgence, Tellstones, maybe Project F at some point. And that's just just the games. They really are just getting started. More books, more cinematics, a fucking _animated series_, more comics. I'm not stopping just because the boards go down. I hope to see you on the other side. _Fabian aka LordRedStone_

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I think that you mentioned something important: "EUW boards don't have the SA&S subsection" And it wasnt just the EUW boards... as far as i know, this were the only boards in all the LoL Servers with a dedicated section for the Lore. Just like you, i came here from a different server just to talk about lore and things like that... It was nice to have an official plataform to talk about the story of the game. Sure, there is Reddit and Writters have Twitter accounts and things like that... But its not the same. I never cared too much about the rest of the boards... but i will miss this official dedicated place to talk about the world of Runeterra. PS: One of the features that i will miss the most of this place is the whole champion/skills/item ({{champion:266}} {{summoner:21}} {{item:3400}} ) icons system.... Man, that thing made threads and post so easy to read.

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