TFT: What's Coming for Items in 10.1!

**TL;DR: We’re hitting the items in TFT - adding some new ones, and updating others.** {{item:3035}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3076}} Hi everyone! In this post we're talking about the items we're updating in patch 10.1. Our goals were threefold: * Address some problem items that promised fun payoffs but had a lot of trouble delivering. * Help some items scale through the game by linking their power to the user’s star level. * Give more exciting gameplay to tanky champions. Here's the list: **Last Whisper REPLACES Repeating Crossbow**_Last Whisper: When the wearer inflicts a critical hit, the target’s Armor is reduced by 90% for 3 seconds._ In theory, Repeating Crossbow had a clear fantasy with huge upside. In practice, there was just too much downtime as it from champion to champion. It also couldn’t jump to a champion who was already full on items, which meant it tended to avoid your carries rather than boosting their stats even more. This also played especially poorly with Set 2’s elemental hexes, which consume an item slot. So, we’re creating a new item: Last Whisper. When its user scores a critical hit, the target’s Armor is massively reduced for a few seconds. This can let your whole team, not just damage dealers, chunk down a formerly-tough target. **Bramble Vest REPLACES Thornmail**_Bramble Vest: Negates bonus damage from critical hits on the wearer. When the wearer is hit by a Basic Attack, a hail of thorns hits nearby enemies for 80/120/160 magic damage (increases with the holder's star level and can only damage once per second). _ Thornmail is a great example of an item that’s fantastic on one champion (Braum) and bad-to-awful on everyone else, because if it’s balanced around broad playability, it will become horribly overpowered on Braum (or any future champion who’s all about big mitigation). Rather than tweak Thornmail, or nerf it into oblivion, we’ve decided to replace it. Bramble Vest combines a bit of Phantom Dancer with a saner version of Thornmail’s damage-to-attackers. It’s also our first star-scaled item; the damage from the thorns depends on the wearer’s star level. **Titan’s Resolve REPLACES Phantom Dancer** ~~Titan’s Resolve: When the wearer is hit by a source of damage, they gain a 2.5% stacking damage increase (stacks infinitely).~~ _(Updated version coming to PBE soon!) Titan’s Resolve: When the wearer takes damage or inflicts a critical hit, they gain a 1% stacking damage bonus. Stacks up to 80 times, at which point the wearer gains 25 Armor and Magic Resistance, and increases in size.__**12/17 Update**: After additional testing, we needed to dial back Titan's Resolve a bit - or at least reduce its ceiling. Most of the time, it's fine... except when playing against Inferno teams, where its sensitive trigger led to some pretty insane stack counts. But it's fun to watch a stack count rise fast, so solutions like narrowing the trigger or imposing an internal cooldown weren't very appealing. The solution we landed on - imposing a reasonable stack cap and then giving extra tanky stats when the wearer hits it - let us maintain the fun feeling of the item while not having it be a hard counter for Inferno and, to a lesser extent, Summoner teams.__Also: in early testing, we'd had a size increase built in (raid boss Leona!) but got feedback that size increases imply toughness and resilience rather than more damage. Since the reward for hitting the stack cap is now more tankiness, the size increase is back!_ Phantom Dancer received a significant change in 9.24, but since we ultimately wanted Bramble Vest to fill the anti-crit, anti-assassin role, giving tanks some opportunity to hit back made a lot of sense - especially on an item that grants Attack Speed. Since Bramble Vest renders Phantom Dancer redundant, we created Titan’s Resolve (aka “Leona’s Revenge.”) You want this item on champions who will take a lot of hits and stay standing to reap the benefits of a huge pile of Titan stacks. That’s it for the new items. What about item updates? **Iceborn Gauntlet**_Old: Creates a zone of ice that expands when the wearer Dodges, slowing enemies' Attack Speed by 25%. New: After casting a spell, the wearer’s next Basic Attack freezes the target for 1.5 seconds._ Iceborn Gauntlet promised a wonderful dream - cover the map in a layer of ice and chill the enemy team into helplessness wherever they stood. But the visual overlap with Frozen Heart’s effect felt bad and was visually unclear with varying the magnitude of the slow. Additionally, any item that triggers from Dodge will have some extreme cases (Jax for example) that make it difficult to balance. We hearkened back to our League of Legends roots, and gave the Gauntlet a freeze effect on basic attacks. Ezreal can finally feel good about matching the glove to the rest of his outfit like he does on the Rift. **Quicksilver**_Old: Prevents the next crowd control effect applied to the wearer. Refreshes every 3 seconds. New: The wearer is immune to crowd control effects._ Quicksilver’s value was hard to get a read on, and the timing of its refresh could make it feel useless when it was needed most. Not anymore! **Frozen Heart**_Old: Reduces the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 25%. New: Reduces the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 40% (stacking increases the radius of this effect)._ Attack Speed drives so many gameplay dynamics in Teamfight Tactics that allowing it to get debuffed to very low levels has many knock-on effects: slower rounds, too-broad usefulness against enemy auto-attackers AND casters, etc. A radius increase will help Frozen Heart stacking remain relevant without turning TFT into NURF mode. **Locket of the Iron Solari, Statikk Shiv, and Luden’s Echo now scale based on the wearer’s star level** It’s OK for items to fall off in the late game after conferring an early advantage, but we’d like to be able to control this better, and we’d also like to avoid the buyer’s remorse that comes with building an item that “everyone knows” becomes unacceptably weak once the game has gone a certain length. **Ionic Spark**_Old: Whenever an enemy casts their Ability, they take 90 true damage. New: Enemies within 3 hexes that cast a spell are zapped, taking magic damage equal to 200% of their max Mana._ Ionic Spark was an indiscriminate item: it hit the whole board, so no positional play could provide an escape, and it affected all casters equally. The new version now asks players to decide how to deploy it: on the frontline, where it will help burn the enemy frontline but miss the casters in the back? Or on assassins, where it might help kill the squishy casters earlier? Also, the fact that Ionic Spark treated big and small spells the same was a little strange, so now the damage depends on the spell’s mana cost. Enjoy the rest of the year, and I'm excited to see all the screenshots of the biggest Titan’s Resolve stacks when 10.1 goes live!

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Hell yeah.
Thornmail too good on certain champs like Braum. Also heres Titan Resolve that will be too good on Braum. ??? Could you also remove infinite stacking effects from tft, they ruin the game when you have Glacial Olaf abusing infinite attack speed boosts.
> **Azurereaper \(EUW\) said:** Thornmail too good on certain champs like Braum. Also heres Titan Resolve that will be too good on Braum. ??? fuckkn lmaod at their reasoning
thornmail on hyper braum can legit one-man-carry a game, because the dmg potential of the equipped champ doesnt matter. the new item will boost your existing dmg. 200% increase on braum? he has no dmg spell and laughable auto dmg. 3 times 0 is still 0.
Except you can make him cc immune give an infinite as item or a warmogs with it. All he needs to do is take hits to infinite scaling damage output. It's incredibly abusable not to mention having glacial olaf linked to him. You now get a harder hitting unit your ai is forced to attack first which only makes him hit even harder while his traits allow the rest of the team stun and reduce all damage etc.
I like the fact that Quicksilver can now be used to negate all CC, it'll be a much more useful tool now vs Comps that utilize CC (Glacials). However, something **NEEDS** to be done about Olaf. He's arguably one of the strongest pieces on the board & Titan's Resolve will most likely be a super strong item on him.
just randomly stumbling across your first comment in 4 years.
Hands down one of the best changes imo is the Quicksilver changes, for instance playing against glacial my entire front line was perma locked in cc at 4 glacials to the point where they couldnt cast their ultis because they would be instantly frozen the moment the last freeze effect came undone, this was originally what quicksilver should have done so im happy it finally got its change
cc immune doesnt mean dmg immune. you can kill stuff like olaf. you just need somesort of heal debuff. kindred, morello, etc
Bramble Vest, Titan's Resolve, plus maybe Dragon's Claw stacked together on a 3 star Ornn - Warden, Electric, Lunar, and Mystic. . . You heard it here first
stalker much xdxdxdxd
Braum has 43 base DPS at 2 stars before armor kicks in. 200 stacks = 500% inc damage. 200 stack Braum = 258 single target DPS Anyone saying this is good on Braum is really dumb
How does the new Iceborn work with Sivir? Does her bounce stun everyone?
Olaf. Isn’t. That. Strong. Lmfao... yea maybe he stomps people that never build a morellos/red buff but other than that, he’s just ok 😹
Plus the new item doesn't make him immune to burst damage. If anything, the removal of PD will nerf him considerably considering that most people built BT and Rageblade, so Dragonclaw and PD were his only tools to survive burst.
Until Titan Resolve's damage starts to skyrocket the match will be way over by then. And it is counterintuitive to run it in a Glacial comp since they are supposed to stun their opponents, not to tank. The only reason Braum stood out was the 4 or 6 Warden comp and his E combined with Thornmail making him return most of the damage he would receive to his opponents. Add a Warmog and Dragonclaw and you got a guy that reflects damage while barely taking any. Unless his opponents built specific items to cut him down, he could stay in one hex and win the whole game.
Titan Resolve isn't good on Braum.
These changes are amazing, but I'm kind of worried that your design is falling into the same pitfall as Thornmail. That because most of these items have abilities that are so niche, they're going to feel hard to build without requiring you to commit a whole ton to make them work and further worsen that feel of not getting the right components. Titan's Fall? Looks great on paper, but the amount of hits the carrier needs to take before the damage starts comparing to that of an Infinity Edge, Morellonomicon or Giant Slayer likely means that in practice, you need 2 other defensive items preferably on a 3 Star Champion to make it competitive. Infinite scaling is an awesome concept, but if it just had been a 5 stack damage buff that came online a couple of seconds into the fight, it would be a great item for melee and tank champions in general and you don't pigeonhole yourself into a "you must get all the right components to make this build work" kind of item. Same with Iceborn Gauntlet. _Amazing_ on low cost mana Champions, but it's only going to be mediocre on anyone else. Which wouldn't be much of a problem if there were a bunch of low mana cost abilities, but they still tend to be fairly scarce. Just like how Thornmail only got built on Braum, Luden's Echo has historically only been built on one or two champions tops---and now there's a second item to join it in that marriage. However, I love the change to Quicksilver as it removes it entirely from the niche category and turns it into a generally good survival item. If it also blocks Poison's permanent mana cost increase, even better and a good counter to Singed comps.
If you asked for TLDR on 4 fragments of sentences you must have the reading proficiency of a first grader How did you even read Riot's reasoning about Titan's Resolve?

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