Ranger Effect Makes Annoying Sound

I noticed since today that when the ranger effect procs, it makes this audible cue sound. But the sound persists after the match is finished, and it's very annoying. If it's a bug, please fix this. If it's not a bug, please fix this anyway. Either I'm not going to use ranger, or I'm going to play with this game muted, until they change this.

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Try rebooting. LoL client has many glitches, some of them go away when you restart the game or the whole pc. I've had a similar issue with Singed sound that kept playing after the fight was over. It stopped happening after a restart.
Nevermind, I just saw it myself. Ranger buff keeps going off every 3 sec after the fight is over. Its hissing sound is highly annoying in any case. I don't want to hear it even in combat. Please get rid of it.
I had the same '_steam machine_' sound while playing rangers which I find quit annoying as well. Does anyone know which sound volume in the settings I have to turn down to lower it? Might be _Sound FX Volume_...
Bro. This sound is nuts man. We need a fix like yesterday

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