Might someone explain the MMR math for me?

So I'm 50% win rate, recently promoted, 5 game win streak, but still only gain 17~19 per win. Isn't that LP like, bottom of the barrel win rate%? Shouldn't 50% win rate be closer to 20+? I really don't understand how this game thinks I should be in silver lol at G2 being matched against mid to high Plat players.

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How much lp do you lose per loss?
Between 20~23
>So I'm 50% win rate Looks to me like you have more of a 49% winrate. 120W 127L Win Ratio 49% Needs more wins to even that back out and get better LP gain.
Ever since Riot removed the ability to look at one's win rate I had to go off past and guess. It's literally impossible without a 3rd party, which is dumb. Even still, 49% is not a bad rating. But I feel like I'm being punished for shitty teammates and giving this MMR crap for no reason. 50% should be 20 LP which means 49 should be just about 20. Even 19. But anything lower is just a slap in the face. For a game that forces you to have a 50% win rate I shouldn't be lower than 20 LP per game. Edit- correct me if I'm wrong, but you should be winning more LP when vs people of higher rank than you correct? So then why is this just the opposite? Stronger opponents should be higher yields. But this game does just the opposite. Stronger opponents, less reward, more loss. This is why people don't play ranked.

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