Knock Knock...

{{champion:22}} Who's there? {{champion:127}} Freelo {{champion:22}} Freelo, wh....? {{champion:22}} Hey, wait a minute...this isn't another Freelo Lissandra thread, is it? {{champion:127}} it isn't... {{champion:22}} GTFO Lissandra...haven't you destroyed solo queue enough? {{champion:127}} Hey, it's not my fault people can't help but abuse me non-stop... *A few moments later... **Knock knock....** {{champion:22}} Who's there? And it better not be that Freelo witch again. {{champion:64}} Ahem...Lee-Sin {{champion:22}} Lee-sin who? {{champion:127}} LEE-SIN-DRA BITCH!!! {{champion:127}} has slain {{champion:22}} \#GuttheFreeloWitch

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