Wukong Update- Prepped For PBE!

Hi everyone, The team and I have made good progress on Wukong over the last few weeks, and we're excited to show him to all of you on the PBE! However, based on the way our deploys work and how files get packaged, the next time the PBE will be updated will likely be the first week of January. Wukong's files are prepped and ready to go, and will become playable automatically when the next deploy drops. so just what are the changes? Before we get into them, I want to remind everyone of the major goals for this update: 1- Shift Wukong's power towards the early game and away from the late game, while remaining roughly power neutral in the long run 2- Give Wukong players the tools they need to feel competitively viable in early lane phase/jungle 3- Create new outplay opportunities that enhance Wukong's identity as a tricky, uniquely mobile skirmisher with a hit-and-run combat pattern Note the absence of a goal referring to Wukong's role/classification. This is because we have decided NOT to push Wukong explicitly into the Bruiser role. With these changes, we aim to provide viable build paths for both Assassin/Lethality AND Bruiser itemization. We want your itemization to be a reflection of your preferred play style, enemy match-ups and team composition. In addition, these changes should help alleviate some of the most common points of frustration noted by the community. Specifically, we're targeting: * Reduced mana costs * Providing a Passive that feels powerful and interactive * Higher R power/satisfaction Here is the official list you'll be seeing on PBE later this week. NOTE- these changes are relative to the LIVE GAME and are still a work in progress. Values and mechanics may still change! **P- Stone Skin:** * NEW- For 3 seconds after exiting brush or stealth, Wukong gains a physical damage shield equal to 12% of his maximum health. This effect can trigger once every 10 seconds. * REMOVED- Wukong no longer gains bonus resistances based on nearby enemy Champions Wukong's old passive provided a lot of hidden power in late game team fights that was hard to notice or appreciate, and felt practically useless in the early lane phase. This new ability will grant Wukong brief windows to make aggressive trades he normally wouldn't consider taking. The values are tuned to encourage Wukong to stay in an extended fight using clever brush play and a well-timed W to earn two procs of the shield in a single fight. Conveniently, Wukong will also be able to shrug off a bit of damage from jungle monsters that hang out near brush. We're hoping this provides a new form of skill expression and mastery that enriches Wukong's evasive, tricky play style. Note that we are still iterating on the exact mechanics/rules of the shield- please let us know what you think! **Q- Wuju Strike:** * Mana cost lowered to 25 from 40 * CD reduced by 1 second at all ranks * Damage adjusted to 1AD +20/40/60/80/100 damage (+.5 bonus AD) from 10/40/70/100/130 (+1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 total AD) As Wukong's primary trading and CS tool, we're lowering its cost and cooldown so he can poke and farm more reliably in losing matchups. We're also simplifying the damage model, since the old one was a little confusing. The spell now applies BONUS damage on top of Wukong's basic attack. That bonus damage is equal to the values listed above. Note that we've DOUBLED the rank 1 damage of Q from 10 to 20. You're welcome. **W- Warrior Trickster:** * Now instantly dashes towards the player's cursor instead of a short range blink * Dash is 350 range and 1200 speed. Can NOT go over walls * Clone is now treated as a stationary Champion and will attack nearby enemies, prioritizing the last enemy Wukong damaged * Clone's attacks deal a scaling 60-100% of Wukong's AD based on spell rank and applies on-hit effects, but cannot crit * Clone looks identical to Wukong's animation state on spawn, and animates as if he pressed the "S" key * Cooldown increased to 24/21/18/15/12 sec (from the time of initial cast) from 18/16/14/12/10 (from the time the clone disappears) * Stealth duration reduced to 1 sec from 1.5 * Note: you may encounter a few bugs with the clone's target acquisition- we're working on these! A nimble, free-target dash opens up a ton of new ways for Wukong to outplay his opponents. From dodging crucial skillshots like Illaoi E or Cho'gath Q, to aggressively repositioning onto the enemy back line during a chaotic team fight. Conveniently, Wukong's clone is also great at tanking jungle monsters! **E- Nimbus Strike:** * Now deals magic damage instead of physical (but still scales with Attack Damage) This change will increase Wukong's early damage and make it harder for enemies to itemize against him with early Armor purchases, while slightly curbing his late game damage when building lethality. Crucially, the spell still scales with Attack Damage, NOT Ability Power **R- Cyclone:** * Tick rate increased to every .25 seconds from .5 (damage per tick halved to compensate) * Each tick of damage now applies Conqueror * Damage ratio increased to 1.25 AD/sec from 1.1 * Bonus MS% is now a flat 30/40/50% instead of ramping up over the duration * E's attack speed buff renews itself while R is active * Wukong can now cancel R early by casting another ability or recasting R Hopefully R will feel better to cast and, ideally, channel for its full duration Let us know what you think of the changes after the next PBE deploy! -Lutzburg

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Forcing Wukong to take conqueror?
> **Kuponya \(NA\) said:** Forcing Wukong to take conqueror? Electrocute and Fleet Footwork are good (especially in the jungle) and I personally love Grasp in melee top lane match-ups.
With all of these R QOL's I do not think insanely buffing the damage on it will help Wukong be a more figher and less e q r one shot champ
will he get new icons as well?
Are you guys not going forward with the Crushing Blows stacking mechanic and golden magical staff passive where spells give him and his clones bonus range? I thought that was really neat stuff that added lots of depth. Will his other e clones be targetable/clickable? I think it'd be cool if his E was like Katarina's shunpo where his cursor position determines if he appears at the left, middle, or right clones.
This new level of skill expression makes me super hyped! It opens up so many trade patterns/possibilities in lane. Also the versatility in builds and playstyles gives a fresh breath of life to a formerly linear champion. This makes it worth the wait!
> **Riot Lutzburg \(NA\) said:** * Clone looks identical to Wukong's animation state on spawn, and animates as if he pressed the "S" key* E's attack speed buff renews itself while R is active You resolved my two main outstanding issues with the rework, so I'm pretty damn excited. I'll admit I was hoping for a bit more depth on a few of the abilities (Q and E both remaining basic point-and-click was a surprise), but I'm pretty happy with what I'm reading here, so thank you (and thank your team for me)!
I hope to see more bruiser jungle wu be viable! :)
Hey thanks for the update, sucks that you couldn't get him in PBE but still happy about most of the changes, I'm a little unsure on how his W still works, if I'm running left and want to juke down using W will it keep my decoy facing left or will it move my decoy to face down? Because I always make W juke plays running one direction then W'ing and juking away to fake out ganks or someone chasing me down, but now that he has a 350 range dash its going to make W jukes extremely difficult since you're going to have to face towards the way you're running because of how his dash works now.
not likely. These changes force him to go full lethality
Don't you think that reducing the base damage and changing the AD ratio to bonus on Q totally forces wukong into building full dmg in order to deal the slightest of dmg...? VERY bad change. Just reduce his E dmg a bit, DO NOT nerf this ability's dmg. Something like 60-180 from 65-205.. And increase the early dmg of Q slightly (but identical to live at max rank.
Would it be possible for wukong to have his clones after using nimbus strike stay for a bit (~1 sec) and be able to auto attack. I think this would add to his trickery in a fun way, without increasing his power much. Also what do you think of having wukong's Q be a skillshot with a rectangular damage box in front of wukong, that could do more damage at the end of the pole (the side of the dmg box furthest away from wukong) then the side that is closest to the champion.
Thanks for all the work you and the team did! Have a good holiday break! Cant wait to play it in January P.S. Thank you for Conqueror stacks on R!!
Well i guess theres nothing we can do now. These changes look terrible overall. Q: Oh boy q gets double base damage...and then lose 30 but shhh, it gets double base damage lvl 1 woohoo...except now its .5 bonus ad instead of .4 total ad...so its a nerf after rank 2. But it has 1 sec lower cd and cost less soo yay...I guess. Passive: a 3 second shield that we have to use an un-warded bush or spend 50+mana and use our "escape" tool. I mean yeah the shield is big number look good i guess but its only 3 seconds. "ill hide in the bush..oh look a cs i need to go get that, oh no the shield fell off guess I just wont have a passive for 10 seconds. Nothing bad will surely happen in those 10 seconds, right Mr. Darius definitely wont pull me or anything now that my passive is down for 10 seconds." Who knows, maybe it will be great and no one will ever punish us for coming out of the bush to cs. I cant wait to use this passive in mid lane with all those mid lane bushes and non-magic damaging champions mid lane...right guys. I think i would be less salty if the goal of number 3, "3- Create new outplay opportunities that enhance Wukong's identity as a tricky, uniquely mobile skirmisher with a hit-and-run combat pattern" Wasn't directly nerfed with the new passive. Hit and run style was only effective against squishy mages/assassins in mid lane since every other top laner would just out sustain the hit and run, or pull you back in after you try to run and just kill you. W- Oh baby I cant wait to watch the clone auto the enemy once before they move out of the 175 attack range. Thats gona be soo great. Cool down nerfed early buffed late..ok sure I guess. That is definitely in line with buffing his early game. Yes sir that is. Oh it still cant go over walls. Thats fine, most tricky champs with out play like /zed/talon/shaco/leblanc/ekko/riven/akali/Qiyana/leesin/Jax/Camille/ cant go over walls either so its fine. I guess hell be like those beefy champs that cant go over walls like aatrox/urgot/renekton It's not like there is a champion with the title the tidal trickster that can juke over walls. Oh well I guess...wait a minute what's this here a few lines down?stealth duration reduced to 1 sec from 1.5 ...Really...I dont even know what to say. Now our hit in run is even worse. We have half a second less to make it out. Half a second less to get into a bush while invis. Half a second less to get into E range before we get spotted by the enemy team. Half a second less to run into melee range so we can save to for when they use an escape. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. E: manic damage. Oh boy here is the only thing that actually makes wukong decent earlier in the game. All joking aside Ill have to wait and see how this plays out. My gut says having have a ~150-200 magic damage ability that that cost about 1/5 of our mana pool isn't going to really going to boost his early game as much as we hope. R- This is still going to get canceled early. cause after 2 seconds of ticks its not gonna be worth to let it finish. In 2 seconds wukong can deal 2.50 ad in that same 2 seconds Riven can cancel 3 animations and do 2.65 ad as basic abilities. Thanks I hate it.
it'll make pressing S seem more realistic. Might not be able to juke as good as before but making it a dash will be all you need to get out of a gank
Sad to see that they kept the magic damage on Wukong's E. Was really hoping that Lethality would still be viable on him. Also, I was hoping they would keep the resistances from his old passive. Looks like he'll be weaker in teamfights as well.
What's the average soloQ elo range of the people playtesting this? There's an insane difference in how a silver tier player performs on new kits vs a D1+ player that knows how to trade & abuse in matchups. I don't mean this in a rude way, just curious!
These changes make lethality the only option. E doing magic damage is gona make it do way more. Most mr is around the 40-60's without itemization so it's damage should be fine if not higher unless they build magic resist.
Hi Lutzburg, thank you for the update! I have few questions. 1. Do you kept some changes that was mentioned in the previous update? In particular: - the Q mana refound? - Tertiary target range check increased on E? (For trying it on PBE, it was awesome) - clone duration ? 2. Have you considered reducing the passive cd in late game? I think 10s is great for early but too high for the late (maybe I am wrong). 3. Do you add a buffer on E? For a more fluid E W combo? Last, I think it's great if we have a visual effect which indicates that the shield is ready. (The absence of this detail for the current stone skin make the players forget that he has one. Imo) Have a great holiday!
> **Joeda89 \(NA\) said:** These changes make lethality the only option. E doing magic damage is gona make it do way more. Most mr is around the 40-60's without itemization so it's damage should be fine if not higher unless they build magic resist. I think you need to look a bit more closely. The lowered cooldown on Q and the changes to E might promote a Q max and make him a serious Tri-Force abuser. It was already decent on him if you could afford it, but these changes could make him absolute thrash turrets. We'll see.

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