Champion Auditions - Senna, Judge Selection

**------ CURRENT STATUS: ACCEPTING SIGN-UPS------** As per the guidelines , judges will need to be selected for the Senna Champion Auditions. This thread will be for selecting judges that will handle situations where the community votes cannot select a winner of the competition. They will also run the auditions and the means by which the people auditioning will present their portrayal of Senna In this thread, people will volunteer to be judges or recommend other to be judges. You have a week from the posting of this thread to post your interest. Once the week is over, the status of the thread will change to VOTING. At this time people can post with their desired votes. Three to Five judges will be selected. Each person is allowed 2 votes. One primary, and one secondary. Multiple votes across accounts will not be tolerated. Place your recommendations and interest here. NOTE: Remember that being a judge is based on your ability to judge who can most accurately portray the personality of the champion(s) in question based upon the canon Riot Lore. It isn't necessarily about writing ability of the applicants, but the personality they will portray to the community. Keep this in mind before you decide to nominate yourself or others. Judge Candidates -Konassin -Pócki

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How does one audition? I am interested but have never done this before.
> **Konasain \(NA\) said:** How does one audition? I am interested but have never done this before. For judge selection, just saying it is typically enough!
I volunteer .{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
As we have had no Senna volunteers, this will be extended a week!
Well there have been no Sennas, unfortunate, but perhaps someone at some point will have the interest necessary!

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