NOT-so-"RANDOM" previous season merch figures

My buddy and myself each purchased the 4 random season 2 character figures, with the plan of trading each other with the 8 total random figures that we received. Turns out, we got jebaited by rito! We both got the 4 same figures each. I know it's statistically possible that we both randomly got the same 4 items, but I have a feeling that this scenario is probably not very likely. I reported it to riot and got a lame generic response. I just want the community to be warned not to do the same thing we did, because they will essentially laugh at you and say, "...while this is unlikely to take place just as you said it is possible. The warehouse pulls random figures from allowed boxs of figures to fulfill these orders and it is possible that they were fulfilled close or even at the same time resulting in you and your friend receiving the same figures." So if you plan on doing this for fun with a pal, be warned and DON'T! Just do it for yourself because you'll get the same items and won't be able to trade your IRL friends.

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