Sioh'Po - The (Once) Great Wolf of Shurima (Ascended/Fighter)

So boards are closing, thought I'd at least post my champ concepts I've had in my head. Will leave one out as he is just an old Aatrox replacement so you all know, it's good. :P Sorry no art, I suck and don't know where to find one decent enough. **Sioh'Po - The (Once) Great Wolf of Shurima** Imagine a mix between Red from FF7 and Aragh from The Flight of Dragons film. Type: Many. **Short Lore** A great negotiator and trader, Sioh'Po worked tirelessly to expand the Shuriman Empire without bloodshed, including their own village. Through loyal service at the end of their life, they were rewarded with Ascension, after some persuasion they accepted and were transformed into a large black wolf, 10 feet (2m) tall with a mane and tail of fire. Refusing to be part of any military engagement in their new form, Sioh'Po spent their time protecting the Capital and their family but as their family aged and died, they did not. So they left Shurima to find a more peaceful life in the world, hoping to live out their days but hearing rumours from the forest ({{champion:427}}) they return to find their once home in desolation. Sioh'Po left again until recently when they met a Darkin called 'Gil'. The more Gil told Sioh'Po of what had happened made Sioh'Po realised the truth. Ascension was a mistake. Without it, Shurima would have never conquerored as much as it did, without it Icathia would still stand and without it, the people would not have had to live their lives in fear of god like beings such as themselves. The arrogance it bought, the distruction it caused must be stopped. So Sioh'Po returns to Shurima, to put an end to Ascensio once and for all, even if it means themselves too. **Noteable Quotes: ** {{champion:268}} - "Those in power always want more. How are you any different?" {{champion:266}} - "I remember why you were Ascended, do you?" {{champion:58}} - "What happened to the boy I knew?" Other Darkin - Growls. **Abilities:** **Passive** Sioh'Po has four paws, so gets bonus from buying boots to change their playstyle based on boot choice. How these affect gameplay will be listed after their abilities. **Q** - Fire Cost 60/70/80/90/100 mana. Range 1000. Cooldown 14/12/10/8/6 Fires a line of fire in the target direction dealing 70/90/120/150/180 (+40%ad)(+60%AP) magic damage to all units it hits along the way, then applying a burn to them dealing 5-70 damage over 5 seconds based on level. **W** - Bite Cost 30 mana. Cooldown 14/13/12/11/10 Sioh'Po's next auto gains 50 bonus range as a 'bite' and 40/60/80/100/120 (+50%ad) bonus physical damage, it can apply on his effects. If an enemy is burnt at the time, they shread their armour by 15/20/25/30/35%. If the enemy is burnt but dies from the bite, Sioh'Po's HP is restored by 5% of their max HP and the cooldown of the bite is halved. **E** - Pounce Cost 60 mana. Range 600. Area of effect 250. Cooldown 20/18/16/14/12 Sioh'Po leaps in the target direction dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+40%AD) physical damage when landing, it can go over walls. **R** - We Shall Go Together Cost 100 mana, Range 2000. Cooldown 120/100/80 Sioh'Po chooses slows themselves by 50% for 0.5 seconds then charges forward leaving a burn trail behind them dealing 40-180 magic damage (based on level). If they hit and enemy champion, they take them with them until they hit a wall or the max range ends. If they hit a wall the champion is stunned for 1 second and takes 200/300/400 (+50%AD) physical damage and is burnt for the amount above. After the first champion hit all others are pushed aside. If The ability is stopped in the 0.5 second build up, it's cooldown is lowered by 80%. **Passive Again** - This tells of how each boot changes gameplay. {{item:1001}} +5 MS {{item:3006}} W is always 50% CD (on top of any other CDR you have). {{item:3117}} E and R have extended ranges {{item:3009}} R has no wind up and E has increased projectile speed. {{item:3158}} Landing an ability on an enemy champ decreases all other ability cooldowns by 1 second {{item:3111}} R becomes unstoppable, including wind up. {{item:3047}} E now has a knockup on impact. {{item:3020}} All damage dealt is changed to magic damage, including autos, scalings do not change. {{item:2422}} +5 MS Open to ideas on how to do the boots passive btw. Tidbit: Sioh'Po is backwards Ophois, one of the alternate names of the Egyptian god Wepwawet. They were Ascended before Aatrox, left just after Nasus Ascension.

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