I was put in low priority queue after my PC crashed

My PC started crashing (windows 7, i5) i only figured out it was the gfx card later, but it lets you play for 5-10 minutes. I suspected hacking so i kept playing hoping same guy wouldnt show up, so i got game exile penalty. Obviously I stopped playing for the last few months waiting to get a new PC, so I dont understand why the long queue is still on AND it doesnt even tell you how many of them i have to put up with... 20 minute wait for a game is not cool when you feel like going to the kitchen during your wait just to get the ban extended! }:(

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riot support can't and won't remove leavebruster bans leaverbuster will ONLY occur if you are recently leaving MULTIPLE games. whether it's on purpose or an accident, you need to be able to stay in games consistently
Your computer problems are not your teammates' problems.

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