Questions About Yorick Ult

Why does it last until it dies and have health regen? What happened to it needing to go down the lane it was summoned? Why does hurt so much while being tanky? And the big question of why is it's AI so much better than Daisy's?

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because yoricks whole theme was being a summoner, who brings his little army to run a lane down but old Maiden leaving him without his command while he got jumped by a bunch of people made no sense also yorick can choose to make his maiden run it down a lane while he leaves her to do other things by recasting R while shes summoned the AI actually sucks btw the only way to stop it from fighting is for the yorick player to run away really far and the only way to make it target someone is to land your e on your target, where as ivern can just press R to control daisy and who it hits once again its like comparing apples to oranges= bruiser split pusher to support jungler
1. It doesn't regen. It can only heal via fountain and some effects that heal non-champs like Redemption. 2. They just changed it, that's all. A 3 minute cooldown ultimate that just runs it down felt kinda bad yknow? 3. It does ~50% of Yorick's AD every second, which is indeed a lot. It has 0 armor and magic resist but a ton of health (ranks 2 and 3, rank 1 ult is pretty squishy). 4. It's not directly controllable. While I agree its AI is better than Daisy's, it can't be freely directed like Daisy can, which means the AI is easily abusable by the opponent since it essentially acts like a minion that follows him at a set distance. Yorick is extremely reliant on the Maiden being alive. He's pretty damn weak without it and it has a ridiculously long cooldown. There's 2 ways to fight him: 1. 100-0 burst him. Yorick is not an innately tanky champion. His tankiness is item-reliant so until he builds a defensive item he's pretty squishy (they typically go Trinity 1st item). 2. Just kill the Maiden. Like previously stated, the Maiden is nearly 50% of Yorick's kit. It always follows him at a set distance, so if he ever pushes into turret and backs off, his Maiden essentially acts like an Ekko ghost and runs to the furthest point Yorick ran to before retreating with him. Yorick also has no way to recall the Maiden when it's attacking something other than walking a long distance away to trigger the leash range.

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