Sett, the Boss | New Champion Spotlight

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Sett looks really cool and I think he has some great lore too. But, generally, I just care about in-game. It looks like Sett gets true damage "just because" (words of high-ranked streamer winning all his games with Sett). Therefore, I am disappointed that RIOT continues to fail to address how damage in the game feels too high. I've posted before specifically about true damage in the game in response to RIOT's declared philosophy about true damage (and % health damage) as a means to make champions feel like a threat regardless of who they face. I've written before about how this sort of damage, in particular, is often just gratuitous damage that, in many cases, doesn't actually add fun to the game. I'm worried that RIOT really doesn't have any plans to address how damage in the the game feels bad. Perhaps, they think that damage in the game is in a good place. Perhaps, the game is simply continuing to move in a direction incompatible with my enjoyment.

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