(Taken from ,sorry for unedited,raw text.)**I apologize for not being able to give visual feedback,I'm reaching out for artists intrigued into this idea and all other players,as well as Rioters themselves!**Hello there. Since boards are shutting down I came here to spread the words of a true visionair. Since last summer I had this idea of a skin that would end the crisis due to Riots lack of giving worth to a champion that has been known from 2017 as {{champion:516}} . The idea behind it was a summer based skin, and that is Pool Party (or rather) Beach Guardian {{champion:516}} . A legendary. Yup, you heard me right. A mf legendary skin even tho it has absolute no lore at all (but it could). Description: Ornn is at the beach, and being the boss of it, saving people from making mess, getting hurt and what not. The true beauty of this skin would be without a doubt on his looks. A naked toppom, with those fluffy, hairy, necklace around the neck, made out of flower petals - how ever you call it, hope you get what I'm talking about, would be great. About his horns, well not too much in my mind (but could definitely be something! Maybe a seagull comes to his horns when he's in the river or something). On his bottom tho, a long, beach towel wrapped around his hips, lengthening to between the knee and a foot,coloured in vivid illustrations of the Ram God, alike his ultimate for example in warm, bright colours. And on his feet, flip flops. Genius. His weardrobe would be ideal for getting good chromas, so maybe keep this skin at an epic value of 1350 rp. As for his spells, there's 2 variations of his passive I thought of. The anvil on his passive could be changed to a surfboard and a toy duck to hit with, which would mean he'd be carrying them the whole game in his model. He could carry a surfing board under his armpit. The second possibility would be that when using his passive, he'd sit down and build a sandcastle with the children alike toys that he'd use as his weapons. His Q, could fitting to this last paragraph, be instead of a magma stone pillar, a sand castle once again! Or a surfboard for the other option. His W, spitting out sand, or water depending on which ideas you take, E's nothing too much different, And his R, a call of the sea where a huge wave comes to him, and as he recasts his ultimate, he jumps and puts his surfboard under his feet, briefly surfing on the wave, launching it to the other side! As for the sand castle theme, a lighter version of his ultimate : when he uses his ult as the tide closes in, on the other side of that line, behind Ornn spawns a sandcastle which Ornn is trying to defend from being crushed by the sea. He bounces it back, saving the sand structure. But if he misses, the wave destroys the castle and kids sad voice emerge, or something like that! It could also be implemented for hitting his R as well. As for his recall animation, riding a wave or building/getting his sandcastle destroyed by a wave would be just as good. The death animation... Well, good luck killing Ornn buddy! I am really sorry but I don't know jack shit about drawing whether in computer or paper, but I really really really want to see this come to life! And if possible, before the Elderwood skin which I find overrated! If you liked this idea, please SHARE with others so that artists interested in this could draw it and show it to Riot Games, since I doubt they will listen to me.

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