PLEASE FIX THIS CHAMPSELECT BUG, I keep losing lp for no reason

There is this bug that makes it so that you can can't enter champion select, meaning that your account is registering that you are going into champ select, but your screen is stuck on the Accept screen. The things I've tried for fixing this is every other game i have to relaunch the client, somethings it works and sometimes it doesn't I've tried using the Hextech repair tool, but that did absolutely nothing. I've tried uninstalling and installing league again, it fixed nothing. So i just have to keep playing and hoping that this bug won't arrive, because if i dodge a game because i think our team comp is bad or someone is going to troll, and then this bug happens, i have to wait 30, not 20, but 30 min to play another game. It's not an internet issue, I've been playing on the same internet since Season 5 and this only happened when patch 10.1 came out

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