Question from a noob silver

There's something I'm missing. At the start of a game in the top lane, I'm ahead in cs by 20+, then enemy jungler comes in for the gank. Doesn't score a kill but takes my flash and requires me to B. But when I use teleport to come back to lane my lane opponent now has 2 levels above me even though only having enough time to close the cs gap to me still ahead by 10. How does that work?

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I'm gold 4 and i still don't get how leveling works I mean i know how to get ahead and stuff but sometimes it feels like i don't know where enemy xp came from
early xp is fked up overall your enemy comes to lane 3 sec faster than you and gets the first minion while your first minion dies and you dont get exp, by the time you will reach lvl2 he will be lvl3 and you will be equal to him in like lvl6 assuming neither jungler wont come this usualy gives a huuuge advantage to the guy who was first or didnt help his jungler cause at lvl2 you can proudly say that you have 2x the power you had at lvl 1 and can stomp any lvl1 champ
normally i'm the one that gets to lane faster and gets the minion and the early level 2. somehow after that im lvl4 to their lvl 6
is the enemy forcing you to stand away from minions or killing more minions than you ?
Another silver here. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you get xp for being *near* minions when they die, not actually getting the cs. So while you're ahead of your opponent in cs, you're probably equal in XP. You go back and tele back to lane. Meanwhile, they've cleared the wave. You'll catch up when you clear their wave, but for the moment they're up a level. VERY occasionally, they're up two levels, if you're very close to leveling and they just did.

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