Life is better without League of Legends

That's it! Almost one month for me without league and I'm feeling great! I haven't had the need to deal with the issues of toxicity, inting, feeding nor afk's for a long time now; and its all thanks to my sane rationality giving me the ability to not open the league client and go matchmake. I advice you guys to do the same. Riot are about to silence these forums because theyre tired of criticism whilst simultaneously the beta cucks aka the white knights of Riot have successfully gotten their will through. The game will just continue to degenerate as countless of posts have been shared regarding the shitty ranked system. Theyre more focused on creating lux skins and fixing "loading times", than they are with making the ranking system more fair. And I'm happy that I no longer feel the need to play this game to prove that I don't belong to the skill bracket that I'm currently in, cuz I know that the time it takes for me to do that in the current state of the game; is not worth it. I can open up a bunch of other games like Modern Warfare, Battlefield 3, Total War 3k, Squad, Battlefront 2, Mordhau, Halo, For Honor, Insurgency Sandstorm, Planetside 2 etc; games where I will have a much more enjoyable times in than with League of "Feeders". So that's that! Just wanted to share that life does indeed become better without league, and I advice you to quit league for the time being if you consistently have to deal with the issues listed above.

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